Indra demonstrates LANDEF electronic ground combat suite to Spanish army for intelligence and electronic support missions

At the Foro Ejército Empresas, a defence industry forum held in Toledo (Spain) from 4-5 October 2023, the Spanish company Indra showcased the LANDEF electronic ground combat suite, a command and control system designed to carry out intelligence and electronic support missions in which the enemy's electromagnetic activity is tracked and counteracted, thereby limiting the movements of aircraft, ships and armored vehicles and degrading the adversary's defences.
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Spanish company Indra's LANDEF electronic ground combat suite, a command and control system (Picture source: Indra)

Deployability in the tactical environment facilitates the protection of soldiers and assets deployed in the field. Early warning and countermeasure capabilities provide the highest level of protection to bases, facilities, or any high-value asset.

According to the Land Electronic Defence manager at Indra, Rebeca López, "this is a solution designed to successfully carry out intelligence and electronic support missions, where Indra is making strides in the development of state-of-the-art multi-domain systems. LANDEF facilitates the intelligent exploitation of the electromagnetic spectrum and its degree of interoperability with other systems and with the rest of the chain of command allows it to operate as a true 'system of systems', thereby making it even more effective.”

In this regard, the company is already conducting tests for the integration of the solution with air defence systems, which would allow an exchange of information and the development of joint defence strategies, thereby incorporating the 'soft kill' capability of electronic warfare countermeasures into the air attack.

The new electronic warfare processing system implements new functionalities based on massive data processing and analysis that provide for the organizing and structuring of useful information. It also employs AI-based tools and algorithms to transform data into intelligence.

On the other hand, LANDEF facilitates the controlled dissemination of electronic information and intelligence, contributing to improved situational awareness and intelligent electronic attack management

With the design of LANDEF, Indra meets the needs of the most advanced armies, which require systems capable of integrating operations with those of their allies. For Rebeca López "Indra's differential solution is based on the experience acquired in the development of deployable Electronic Defence and Command and Control systems for management and use in a tactical environment, where agile and secure interoperability is a must; interoperability based on standards that allow secure integration and participation in deployments and collaborative environments."

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