Israel Receives Initial Shipment of David 4x4 Light Armored Vehicles from US

Tel Aviv, Israel, October 22, 2023 - The Israel Ministry of Defense announced on October 19, 2023, that it has received a cargo plane from the United States carrying the first batch of David 4x4 light armored vehicles. These vehicles are set to be integrated into the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) arsenal.
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On October 19, 2023, Israel received its first shipment of David 4x4 armored vehicles from the United States. (Picture source Israel MoD)

The delivery of David 4x4 armored vehicles comes as part of a broader effort to replenish and modernize the IDF's fleet, especially after the recent war where several of its vehicles were damaged. The David 4x4, known for its advanced protective features and mobility, is expected to enhance the operational capabilities of the IDF (Israel Defense Forces).

The Israeli Ministry of Defense expressed gratitude to the United States for its continued support and collaboration. The exact number of vehicles in the shipment was not disclosed, but further deliveries are anticipated in the coming months.

The recent war has underscored the importance of maintaining a robust and modern defense apparatus. With the addition of the David 4x4 light armored vehicles, the IDF aims to bolster its readiness and ensure the safety of its personnel in future operations.

It remains to be seen how these new additions will be deployed in the field, but they are a clear indication of the deepening defense ties between Israel and the United States.

The David is a 4x4 Light Armored Vehicle manufactured by the American Company MDT Armor which is a cost-effective, survivable, light-protected all-terrain vehicle that can seat four, six, or eight crew members. The armored capsule of the David is mounted on commercial platforms such as the Toyota® Land Cruiser®, Hilux®, or the LandRover® Defender® pickup truck. This design offers battle-proven advantages in terms of power, versatility, protection, and lifecycle cost.

The David has been in active service under combat conditions for over a decade. Throughout its service, it has faced various forms of terror attacks, ranging from rocks and stones to assault weapons and improvised explosive devices. Despite these challenges, the David has consistently proven its mettle, saving the lives of numerous operators time and time again.

The vehicle's design is based on the iconic Toyota Hilux pickup, which has been renowned for its toughness and performance in diverse driving environments, from deserts and mountains to arctic plains and tropical terrains. The David is powered by a 2.4-liter turbocharged diesel engine that produces 150 HP and 400 Nm of torque. This engine can be paired with either a manual or automatic transmission. Additionally, the Land Cruiser, another platform for the David, is known for its rugged durability, reliability, and exceptional performance in various terrains. It features a part-time 4WD system and is powered by Toyota’s six-in-line, 4.2-liter diesel engine.

The armored capsule of the David is designed as a “box” that allows for various seating arrangements. Depending on the configuration, the rear area can have forward or aft-facing seats, or face-to-face seating, accommodating 4, 6, or 8 passengers. The vehicle is equipped with three doors for rapid ingress and egress. An optional roof hatch can be added, which allows for the mounting of a variety of weapons and equipment. For medical emergencies, a stretcher can be placed above folding seats, facilitating casualty evacuation during combat. For situational awareness, the David is fitted with six windows: a single-pane windshield, windows in each of the two side doors and side walls, and one rear side window.

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