Israeli Army uses AH-64 attack helicopters to conduct airstrikes in Lebanon and target HAMAS members

The Israeli army confirmed on Monday, October 9, 2023, that it had launched airstrikes on several targets in Lebanon using combat helicopters. The nature of the targets remains undisclosed as the official statement did not elaborate further.
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Israeli Army uses AH-64 attack helicopters to target HAMAS members. (Picture source: Israeli MoD)

This military operation move by Israel follows a recent incident where several gunmen infiltrated northern Israel from Lebanon. The Israeli defense forces reported that they successfully neutralized multiple armed infiltrators during the encounter.

In a related development, a tweet released on October 9 at 17:09 PM revealed that between Saturday and Monday morning, Israeli aircraft struck over 1,200 targets in the Gaza Strip. These included weapons storage and manufacturing sites, command and control centers, and rocket launchers, among others.

In the wake of these events, Lebanese army chief, Joseph Aoun, and the Commander of the UN peacekeeping mission (UNIFIL), Aroldo Lazaro, convened in Beirut. The meeting, as reported by Lebanon's official news agency NNA, focused on the situation along the southern Lebanese borders. However, specifics of the discussions remain under wraps.

Tensions continue to escalate in the border regions between Israel and Lebanon, as well as in Gaza. According to a video released on Social Networks, the Israeli army has notably used AH-64 Attack helicopters, armed with a 30mm cannon and Hellfire ATGMs (Anti-Tank Guided Missile), to target HAMAS members on the ground.

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