Jordan requests deployment of US Patriot missile system

In response to escalating tensions due to the conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, Jordan has formally requested the United States deploy the Patriot missile defense system to strengthen its border defenses.
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The Patriot missile system is a ground-based, mobile missile defense interceptor deployed to detect, track, and engage unmanned aerial vehicles, cruise missiles, and short-range and tactical ballistic missiles (Picture source: US DoD )

The Jordanian military spokesperson, speaking on state television, stated, "We have reached out to the U.S. authorities to enhance our defense mechanism with the Patriot air defense missile systems," as per Reuters reports. Brigadier General Mustafa Hiyari highlighted growing concerns, mentioning, "Drones have become a threat on all our fronts."

Jordan's request comes at a time when the Pentagon is bolstering the region's air defenses to ensure the safety of U.S. forces. Reports suggest that Israel has agreed to delay some components of its ground operations in Gaza, targeting Hamas' military infrastructure, until these defense systems are operational.

The Patriot system is an advanced anti-missile defense system designed and manufactured by Raytheon in the U.S. Initially developed as an anti-aircraft defense, it has evolved to become one of the world's most recognized anti-missile defense systems, capable of intercepting and destroying enemy ballistic missiles in flight.

The name "Patriot" is actually an acronym, standing for "Phased Array Tracking Radar to Intercept On Target". As the acronym suggests, a key feature of the system is its phased array tracking radar. This radar can simultaneously track a large number of targets, allowing the system to effectively handle multiple incoming threats.

The system also includes a command and control station, where operators can monitor the situation, engage targets, and coordinate defense. The missiles used by the Patriot system are packed in canisters that also serve as launchers. Once launched, the missile employs an advanced guidance system to intercept its target. It is designed to destroy the threat by direct impact, utilizing "hit-to-kill" technology.

Over the years, the Patriot system has been updated multiple times to address evolving threats. Recent versions of the missile can intercept short and medium-range ballistic missiles, as well as aircraft, drones, and other aerial targets. Furthermore, the Patriot has been adapted to work in conjunction with other defense systems, offering an added layer of protection.

Another advantage of the Patriot system is its mobility. It can be rapidly deployed to different regions, making it ideal for protecting troops on the ground, as well as critical civilian and military infrastructures. Since its introduction, the Patriot has been exported to many U.S. allied countries, where it plays a pivotal role in national and regional defense.

In summary, the Patriot system is a leading anti-missile defense system, equipped with advanced detection, tracking, and interception capabilities. Its versatility, mobility, and effectiveness make it a key component of the defense strategy of many countries worldwide.

In a related development, significant protests took place in Amman, Jordan's capital, with approximately 5,000 participants calling for the cancellation of the peace treaty between Jordan and Israel. Jordan formalized peace with Israel in 1994, following Egypt's example in 1979.