Russian Army receives 14 Plastun-SN armored all-terrain vehicles

As reported by Focus UA on October 30, 2023, the Russian Ministry of Defense recently received a batch of 14 Plastun-SN light armored vehicles, all concealed in military camouflage. These vehicles, officially unveiled at the Army-2023 exhibition in Moscow, are manufactured in the city of Novosibirsk and have been adapted to meet the specific requirements of the Russian Armed Forces. The procurement of at least 50 of these vehicles has been initiated under a contract signed by the Russian Ministry of Defense.
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The Russian Ministry of Defense recently received a batch of 14 Plastun-SN light armored vehicles, all painted in military camouflage. (Picture source: Russian social media)

The Plastun-SN is a military variant of the civilian Plastun all-terrain vehicle, denoted by the "SN" designation, which stands for "Spetsialnogo Naznacheniya," translating to "Special Purpose" in English. This special variant has been engineered to fulfill various roles, ranging from medical evacuation to reconnaissance and even as a self-propelled mortar platform, providing essential artillery support.

At the Army-2023 forum, at least two Plastun-SN configurations were showcased to demonstrate the vehicle's versatility in serving multiple functions. One variant was fitted with an 82 mm mortar, demonstrating its capacity to serve as an artillery support vehicle. Another model was equipped with a telescopic mast and observation devices, highlighting its value as a reconnaissance vehicle. The vehicles' operational readiness and performance capabilities were also put to the test at the Alabino training ground.

The Plastun-SN light armored vehicle features a combined armor protection system capable of withstanding bullets ranging from 9x19 mm to 7.62x39 mm. Concerning threats from above, the crew is only protected from adverse weather threats by a waterproof canopy and a removable frame, but the open design of the Plastun-SN exposes it to potential threats such as drone strikes or shrapnel from enemy fire. However, it is equipped with a patented all-season track, measuring 500 mm in width.

The Plastun-SN tracked vehicle is powered by a Lada 1.6-liter petrol engine, generating 106 horsepower and 148 Nm of torque, allowing for a top speed of 50 km/h, with a recommended speed of 30 km/h. The vehicle features a 5-speed manual transmission, a specific ground pressure of 0.118 kg/cm², and a fuel capacity of 135 liters. These vehicles can accommodate up to eight people on the ground, or up to six when afloat, depending on the variant. The Plastun has a ground clearance of 500 mm and a track width of 500 mm.

Weighing in at 3,800 kg, these tracked all-terrain vehicles are capable of overcoming various obstacles, including ditches up to 30°, trenches up to 1 meter wide, side slopes up to 30°, climbing uphill at over 40°, descending slopes at up to 45°, and they are amphibious, allowing them to traverse water obstacles. Additionally, they are equipped with a winch capable of climbing slopes at over 40°, further enhancing their versatility and utility in diverse military operations.

Russia Platsun SN 925 002

The reconnaissance variant of the Plastun-SN showcased at Army-2023 was equipped with a telescopic mast and observation devices (Picture source: Vitaly Kuzmin)