Russian Army receives ISDM Zemledeliye mine-laying system ahead of schedule

On October 13, 2023, the Russian state corporation, Rostec, reported the early delivery of a new batch of ISDM Zemledeliye mobile-laying system to the Russian armed forces. This system is capable of quickly covering an extensive area, with a firing range spanning from 5 to 15 kilometers. It deploys 122mm caliber missiles, each equipped with warheads containing either anti-tank or anti-personnel mines.
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The ISDM Zemledeliye 8x8 mobile-laying system is outfitted with two pods, each containing 25 mine launcher tubes. (Picture source: Rostec)

Equipped with programmable ammunition, the Zemledeliye can efficiently cover an extensive area with mines in a matter of minutes, demonstrating the potential to create minefields equivalent to several football fields. The explosive devices within the system possess the ability to self-destruct or deactivate at predetermined intervals, ensuring safer and faster mine clearance after military operations conclude.

The Zemledeliye is an 8x8 truck-mounted scatterable mine-laying system similar to the American Volcano and the Polish Baobab-K vehicles. The complete system consists of a combat vehicle, a transport-loading vehicle, and transport-launch containers filled with various types of mines. The concept behind a scatterable mine-laying system resembles that of a Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS); however, in the case of the ISDM, it employs solid fuel engine ammunition filled with an assortment of mines.

The combat vehicle permits the automated preparation and input of flight mission data and mine self-destruction parameters. Furthermore, the ISDM possesses the capability to automatically fire a salvo at calculated aiming points, record the coordinates of impacts on an electronic map, and transmit data to higher control levels.

The ISDM Zemledeliye represents the latest addition to Russia's arsenal of mine laying system launchers, designed on the framework of an 8x8 Kamaz 6560 military truck. The system includes a crew cabin in the front and supports two sets of 25 122mm tube launchers, which are equipped to dispatch either anti-tank or anti-personnel mines.

One noteworthy feature of the ISDM is its "smart" capabilities, allowing mines to be programmed to engage specific types of targets, thus potentially reducing the risk of unintended engagements. Additionally, the system includes sensors that can detect friendly forces, potentially preventing unintended engagements with allied vehicles.

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The ISDM Zemledeliye mobile-laying system can deploy 122mm caliber missiles up to 15 km (Picture source: Russian social media)