Avidrone introduces 740T UAV for automated heavy cargo delivery

Avidrone Aerospace, a Canadian company, has recently unveiled a new fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) designed to offer advanced capabilities in automated long-range flight and heavy lifting. These UAVs are equipped with features such as heavy lift capabilities, autonomous flight systems, proprietary autopilot technology, and advanced VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) capabilities. Avidrone aims to provide innovative solutions for industrial and defense-related missions, including automated cargo transport and critical supply deliveries to remote and time-sensitive locations.
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The 740T has a maximum payload capacity of 227 kg for a range of 724 km (Picture source: Avidrone Aerospace)

For over a decade, Avidrone Aerospace has been involved in supplying unmanned aircraft to governments, defense organizations, and commercial entities. The company specializes in cargo delivery technologies and sensor payloads, aiming to deliver cost-effective solutions globally. With a team of aviation experts and technology innovators, Avidrone develops and manufactures a wide range of automated unmanned aircraft systems, catering to various needs from small UAVs to rotorcraft weighing over 1,000 pounds, emphasizing airframe design and flight control software.

A notable feature of Avidrone's new UAV fleet is the tandem rotor configuration, which enhances stability and efficiency. This design allows these UAVs to carry advanced payload capacities, perform vertical take-offs and landings, and achieve high-speed cruising. Avidrone has also introduced the Avidrone Remote Drop System, which enables fully automatic package delivery and includes an airdrop parachute cargo system for mission versatility.

Avidrone's proprietary autopilot system is highly configurable, making it suitable for applications requiring automated cargo delivery, long-range cruise flights, and precision surveillance missions. Designed for non-aviation operators, the flight control system ensures safe and secure coordinated flights, even beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) operations.

The G4 Autopilot, featuring a secure proprietary operating system, multi-user and multi-vehicle control capabilities, and fluid flight path dynamics, is designed to facilitate BVLOS operations for a variety of missions.

One of Avidrone's flagship offerings is the 740T Long-Range Autonomous Cargo Delivery UAV, powered by a heavy fuel turbine engine. This UAV boasts an impressive maximum range of 724 km, a maximum cargo payload of 227 kg, and fully automated pilotless control, making it suitable for point-to-point flights and achieving significant cost savings compared to manned helicopter operations. Its modular cargo bay and automated payload release further enhance its adaptability.

The development timeline of the 740T includes key milestones, from its initial concept in 2018 to successful prototype manufacturing in 2019, followed by fully automated flights in 2020. The year 2021 marked the evolution of the 740T, with the launch of a second-generation project building on past successes. In 2022, the advanced design stage focused on innovative aerospace design, leading up to its official launch and pre-orders in 2023. The subsequent years, 2024 and 2025, will involve manufacturing and aircraft launch, including initial production, certification flights, and entry into service.

The specifications and capacities of the 740T drone are impressive, featuring a maximum payload capacity of 227 kg, a range exceeding 724 km, endurance of over 4.5 hours, and a top speed of 185 km/h. It has a gross weight of 600 kg and weighs 314 kg when unloaded. The propulsion system is certified for various fuel types, including heavy fuel, diesel, Jet A, JP5, and JP8 fuels, with a fuel capacity of 364 liters. The drone's dimensions include a length of 7.4 m and rotor diameters of 4.4 m. It can operate at altitudes of up to 5,500 m and is fully unmanned with autonomous navigation capabilities.

Avidrone places a strong emphasis on data security, employing encrypted, proprietary, and failsafe systems. It can operate in temperatures ranging from -30°C to +50°C and is equipped with safety features such as autorotation, a ballistic parachute, alternative landing zones, and geo-fencing. Furthermore, it is easily transportable via ground transportable trailers, trucks, or sea containers, enhancing its mobility and versatility.

With payload examples ranging from custom waterproof containers to steel drums, drill rods, fire hoses, evacuation stretchers with a wounded person, wooden pallets, portable jerricans of water, and portable generators, the Avidrone 740T has the potential to bring about significant changes in cargo transportation and delivery for both industrial and defense sectors.