MSPO 2023: PGZ unveils Waran-mounted Ottokar-Brzoza tank destroyer system

At the MSPO 2023 exhibition, the PGZ-Ottokar consortium, consisting of key domestic firms like the Polish Armaments Group (PGZ), Mesko, Huta Stawola Wola, and Wojskowe Zakłady Elektroniczne (WZE), unveiled a new variant of the Ottokar-Brzoza tank destroyer system, which is mounted on the Waran platform.
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PGZ unveils Waran-mounted Ottokar-Brzoza tank destroyer system (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The Ottokar-Brzoza tank destroyer features an anti-tank guided missile launcher and is installed on the chassis of the Waran 4x4 kr tactical multi-role vehicle, known for its versatility.

Designed for engaging tanks and other armored targets within the tactical zone of a potential adversary, the Ottokar-Brzoza is equipped to carry 6 to 8 precision homing missiles. Operating this system requires a crew of 2 to 3 soldiers. The Ottokar-Brzoza comes equipped with various systems, including internal and external communication (ICT), filtration and ventilation, fire and explosion protection, and laser radiation detection and shielding. It also provides basic ballistic and anti-mine protection for the vehicle's crew.

The platform used for mounting the launcher on the Ottokar-Brzoza is the same as the one used in the battery fire module of the "Gladius" Unmanned Search and Strike Systems. This versatile platform can potentially support other systems, such as anti-drone technology.

Within the battery structure, two Ottokar-Brzoza vehicles are present. The second vehicle's crew consists of 4 to 5 soldiers and is equipped with similar systems, including ICT, filtration, ventilation, fire and explosion protection, and laser radiation shielding. Additionally, it can be configured with a Remotely Controlled Armament Module featuring either a 7.62 mm UKM 2000C or a 12.7 mm WKM Bm.

The Polish-made Waran 4x4 armored vehicle can be assigned various tasks and accommodates up to 8 crew members. This modular design complies with STANAG standards, ensuring protection in different operational scenarios.

The vehicle's chassis, featuring a 40cm diameter central tube derived from a Tatra Force 815-7, houses either an air-cooled turbocharged Tatra T3C-928-90 engine generating 300kW or a liquid-cooled diesel turbocharged Cummins ISL engine producing 270 kW. A 4-speed automatic Allison 4500SP transmission transfers power from the engine to oscillating half-shafts, eliminating the need for torque transmission through Cardan joints and enhancing off-road durability.

Moreover, this modular design allows effortless expansion to 6x6 or 8x8 configurations and facilitates the integration of auxiliary devices, potentially reducing maintenance costs.