Instalaza from Spain showcased its new C90-CS man portable anti-tank missile system at DSA 32104161

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DSA 2016 - Instalaza
Instalaza from Spain showcased its new C90-CS man portable anti-tank missile system at DSA
INSTALAZA. S.A. has developed the C90-CS disposable weapon to provide the infantryman with a powerful mean to face up and defeat different threats, and the capability to be fired from confined spaces.
Instalaza from Spain showcased its new C90 CS man portable anti tank missile system at DSA 640 001C90-CS man portable anti-tank missile system

It is maintenance-free through the whole service life, and ensures a high readiness. Low weight and short dimensions, as well as easy operation allow a wide deployment in all the units in the battlefield.

The projectile consists of:
-Safety and arming device
-Stabilizing unit

Each version of the C90-CS family has a specific warhead, specially designed and made for the application required.

The C90-RB-CS incorporates a shaped-charge warhead with high armour penetration capability. The C90-AM-CS warhead is also a shaped-charge with a special casing providing high antipersonnel fragmentation.

It contains a tandem anti-bunker warhead. The precursor warhead perforates the wall, and the fragmentation warhead passes through the hole and explodes inside the bunker. The safety and arming device meets all the applicable safety standards.

The C90-CS is equiped with a counter-mass launch motor (based on Davis gun principle). It enables firing the C90-CS from inside buildings or covered positions like rooms in small domestic buildings in accordance with STANAG 4536.

The C90-CS can be also used during night combat with the VN38-C night vision device.