At DSEI 2017 Hesco introduces the TERRABLOCK High Security Barriers (video)

At DSEI 2017, Hesco introduces the TERRABLOCK High Security Barriers, this new system has been designed to protect public spaces from terror attack.

TERRABLOCK is an evolution of Hesco’s renown defensive barrier system, utilizing unrivaled capability in design, technical innovation, manufacturing, and through development alongside customer requirements and security specialists.

TERRABLOCK is designed with public security and safety with confidence as a priority, offering the best in surface-mounted protection with minimal impact on environment and aesthetics, allowing people and businesses to operate as normal with peace of mind.

The original, unique and defining feature of TERRABLOCK is the ability to transform flat packed units into structures using minimal manpower, handling equipment and fill material.

HESCO TERRABLOCK combines welded mesh panels and integrates with our unique design of pins and coils to form a security barrier of exceptional quality and strength that is delivered flat packed for rapid deployment without requiring concrete foundations.