EVPU displays its Gladius 12 Remote Controlled Weapon Station at DSEI 2017

The Slovak Company EVPU presents its GLADIUS 12 Remote Controlled Weapon Station (RCWS) at DSEI 2017, the Defense and Security Exhibition in London, UK.

EVPU displays its Gladius 12 Remote Controlled Weapon Station at DSEI 2017 925 001
The EVPU GLADIUS 12 Remote Controlled Weapon Station (RCWS) (Credit : Army Recognition)

The Company EVPU designs and produces remote controlled weapon stations and turrets with optical container and gyroscopic stabilization. The system is remotely controlled and is designed for use on light wheeled/tracked armoured and fighting vehicles.

Thanks to its reasonnable weight and dimensisons the Gladius 12 remotely operated weapon station can be easily integrated to light 4x4 tactical vehicles and for new modern combat vehicle or to upgrade fire power of existing fleet of tracked armoured vehicles wheeled.

The Gladius 12 RCWS is fitted with one 12.7mm heavy machine gun it can also be fitted with 7.62mm Machine gun or 40mm grenade launcher. The turret is also fitted with latest generation of sight including laser range finder, day camera and thermal imager system.

It has an independent elevation of sight system allows electronic gun rectification and ballistic computation during firing. The EVPU GLADIUS 12 is fully stabilized and electrically operated and can traverse through 360° with elevation from -20° to +70°.

The laser range finder can work from a range of 100 m to 3.500m with a range accuracy of 5m. The HD TV Camera with zoom has a range of 9,000m for detection, 4,700 m for detection and 2,700 m for identifications.

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