Open Works Engineering unveils SkyWall 300 turret-mounted drone capture system at DSEI 2017

British Company Open Works Engineering has unveiled the SkyWall 300 automatic drone capture system, a turret-mounted of its field proven SkyWall 100 system during DSEI 2017, an international Defense and Security Exhibition which was held in London, United Kingdom, in September 2017.

Open Works Engineering unveils SkyWall 300 turret mounted drone capture system at DSEI 2017 DSEI 2017 defense exhibition London UK 925 001
The new SkyWall 300 turret-mounted drone capture system was unveiled at DSEI 2017, the Defense and Security Exhibition in London, UK.

OpenWorks received international recognition after inventing the handheld SkyWall100 system last year, winning international competitions and presented with a Popular Science Grand Award. It has already been deployed by major government authorities and protected President Barack Obama during his visit to Berlin last year

The SkyWall 300 is a new anti-drone system that allows authorities the ability to remotely and automatically capture nefarious drones. It is an automatic version of the field proven SkyWall 100 system and offers an increase in range and autonomy.

The SkyWall 300 is mounted on a turret offering the possibility to integrate the system on combat vehicle. The system has a minimum range of 10 m and is capable of capturing UAVs moving at a maximum speed of 50 m/s. To capture a drone, the SkyWall 300 uses a projectile that launches an 8 m² net launched by a 4,500 psi compressed air system.

The SkyWall 300 also integrates with external drone detection and command and control systems to allow for maximum ease of use. It automatically tracks any drone prior to giving the remote operator the ability to command the system to capture the target.

The SkyWall concept is simple; physically capture a drone in a net and bring it to the ground safely under a parachute. Electronic warfare methods are proving difficult to regulate and approve for use and SkyWall offers a capable alternative.