WCSP programme Lockheed Martin upgrade for Warrior IFV British army DSEI 2017

Lockheed Martin offers upgrade program for the Warrior MCV-80 IFV Infantry Fighting Vehicle, WCSP (Warrior Capability Sustainment Programme). The Warrior Capability Sustainment Programme (WCSP) is introducing major improvements to the British Army’s Warrior armoured fighting vehicle (AFV), which was originally produced in 1984. This includes an innovative new turret designed and developed by Lockheed Martin UK (LMUK) in Ampthill, together with upgrades across the platform.

Lockheed Martin WCSP programme to upgrade Warrior IFV DSEI 2017 defense security exhibition London UK 925 001 Lockheed Martin upgrade solution for British Army Warrior MCV-80 IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle) presented at DSEI 2017, International Defence and Security Exhibition in London, United Kingdom.

The Warrior Capability Sustainment Programme Team has developed a low-risk solution to maximise combat success by upgrading several key Warrior subsystems including: the turret and armour protection systems. WCSP addresses key capability gaps currently faced by the in-service Warrior and enables the system to fight effectively over the next 20 plus years. This cost effective upgrade will be delivered in a timely and cost effective manner. WCSP will give the soldier a battle-winning capability that provides greater mission effectiveness and enhanced crew survivability.

For the lethality, a CT40 weapon and ammunition handling system are integrated with a dual-axis stabilised BGTI sight and powered servo system to provide significantly improved lethality and fire on the move capability.

For the fightability, where upgrades to the Man Machine Interface providing access to key system resources by the gunner or commander enabling the integration of legacy, current and emerging technologies through a proven and open Electronic architecture. Turret crew protection introduces new mine blast resistant seats and modular turret armour, greatly improving crew safety.

The turret updates include electronic, environmental, power and survivability improvements. WCSP chassis updates provides the driver with greater situational awareness and a rationalised, de-cluttered crewspace.

An updated Environmental Control System provides greater crew comfort in climatic extremes. Increased system power for current and future missions is achieved through the integration of an improved generator and augmented using intelligent power management and distribution. Additionally, local situational awareness cameras and driver's night vision cameras fixed around the vehicle greatly improve local awareness for threats and safety; available to the vehicle crew and dismounted soldiers.

A modular protection system across the chassis enables the quick change and adaptation to mission specific or in-theatre threats for each Warrior variant. Examples of protection include bar armour. Explosive Reactive Armour and special armours to be fitted or removed easily upon heavy damage. This protection system is low risk and based on an easy to use and maintain system, which significantly enhances crew survivability. Additionally, this allows a mounting system to cater for future armour protection technologies.