DSEI 2021 Video: Day 3 International Defense Exhibition coverage London UK

Day 3 video coverage for Army Recognition editorial team at DSEI 2021, the International Defense Exhibition that takes place in London, the United Kingdom from 14 to 17 September 2021. As Official Land Zone Publication with Online Show Daily News and Web TV for DSEI 2021, we cover the event with daily news and videos.
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Summary of this video:

00:00 INTRO
00:15 British Army showcases its future soldier vision mit latest military equipment including helicopters, armored vehicles, UGVs and misile systems.
00:53 British army presents AH-64 Apache helicopter communication with unmanned systems
01:40 FN Herstal from Belgium unveils its FN Evolys ultralight machine gun at DSEI 2021
03:36 FN Herstal unveils its new Airborne Extended Digital Suite for rotary- and fixed-wing platforms
05:11 BAE Systems showcases its latest CV90 tracked IFV fitted with new D-series turret
06:13 BAE Systems 5.56x45mm NATO lightweight ammunition
06:58 BAE Systems showcases its new T-650 Heavy Lift UAS Unmanned Aerial System able to carry 300 kg of payload
08:16 Rafael C-GEM Shipborne Off-Board active decoy used against anti-ship missile.
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08:53 OUTRO

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