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Israel's Arrow Defense System Intercepts Ballistic Missile Over Red Sea for First Time

The Israeli Air Force (IAF) achieved the first operational interception of a ballistic missile threat on October 31, 2023, in the Red Sea region, without the threat reaching Israeli airspace. This operation was part of "Swords of Iron," a campaign reported by the Israeli Ministry of Defense.
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Arrow system anti-ballistic missile (Picture source: Israeli MoD)

The interception occurred amid heightened regional tensions and ongoing threats from militant groups. Although the specific details of the intercepted threat have not been disclosed, the event underscores the need for Israel to maintain strategic vigilance and a robust defense capability.

The Arrow system is an anti-ballistic missile developed and manufactured by Israel Aerospace Industries in collaboration with Boeing. Operational since 2000 within the Israeli Defense Forces, it has been deployed in notable incidents such as the Israel-Syria incident in March 2017 and more recently in the 2023 conflict with Hamas.

The development of the Arrow system began in 1994, reflecting over two decades of innovation and continuous improvement. With a unit cost of $3 million in 2003, the system represents a significant investment in Israel's national security.

Weighing between 1,300 and 3,500 kilograms, depending on whether it is alone or in its sealed launch container, the missile has a total length of up to 7 meters, with different sections for the booster, sustainer, and interceptor vehicle. The missile's diameter varies by stage, with a wider first stage for a powerful initial thrust.

The system has a 150 kg directed fragmentation warhead designed to explode near the target, thereby maximizing damage against the enemy missile. The detonation is controlled by a proximity fuse, ensuring that the explosion occurs at the optimal moment for interception.

The Arrow missile's two-stage engine uses solid fuel, enabling it to reach speeds of up to Mach 9. Its operational range extends from 90 to 150 kilometers, and it can reach the exo-atmosphere, meaning it is capable of intercepting missiles beyond the Earth's atmosphere.

The Arrow missile's guidance system is particularly sophisticated, combining a passive infrared seeker and an active radar seeker, allowing it to track and engage targets with high precision. The accuracy is such that the missile can hit a target within four meters.

The "Swords of Iron" operation and the successful interception by the Arrow system are events that could transform the security dynamics in the Middle East.


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