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Live Update: Hamas - Israel War November 1st 2023 Combat Situations Day 26

Live Update: Hamas - Israel War November 1st, 2023 - Day 26: the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have intensified their ground operation in the Gaza Strip, as reported by the Israeli Ministry of Defense. The operation, which commenced on November 1, 2023, involves a comprehensive multi-branch effort, including ground, air, and naval forces.
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Urban battle for the soldiers of the IDF Israel Defense Forces in the Gaza Strip. (Picture source IDF)

Southern Israel: A Focused Offensive

In the southern region, IDF (Israel Defense Forces) soldiers have ramped up efforts to target Hamas, the organization governing the Gaza Strip, which Israel and several other countries consider a terrorist organization. The IDF has employed fighter jets, helicopters, UAVs, naval vessels, and artillery to support ground troops. These forces have conducted simultaneous air strikes to address operational needs.

During these strikes, the IDF reports having hit dozens of Hamas targets, including observation posts, anti-tank missile squads, launch posts, naval vessels, and military posts. The strikes have resulted in the elimination of terrorists, prevention of infiltrations into Israel, and disruption of terror activities. To date, over 11,000 targets have reportedly been struck by the IDF.

A notable incident occurred last night in northern Gaza, where IDF forces engaged in intense battles with Hamas terrorists. The confrontation escalated when IDF troops came under fire from a multi-story civilian building, situated near a school, medical center, and government offices. The IDF responded by calling in air support, successfully neutralizing the threat.

Northern Arena: Cross-Border Tensions

The northern arena witnessed heightened tensions as well. A terrorist cell, reportedly from Lebanon, attempted to launch anti-tank missiles toward Israeli territory near Zar'it. An IDF tank responded by striking the cell. Additionally, terrorists opened fire toward Israeli territory in the Yiftah area, although no injuries were reported. The IDF retaliated against the source of the attack.

In a separate incident, the IDF intercepted an aerial threat in the Red Sea region, south of Eilat. The aircraft, identified as a potential threat, did not enter Israeli airspace.

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