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Combat situation Ukraine - Russia conflict 14 April 2022 with pictures and videos

Latest information about the Russia/Ukraine conflict with combat map situation including pictures and video, April 14, 2022, by Army Recognition editorial team using open sources information published on the Internet.
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Ukraine - Russia conflict: Interactive Combat map situation April 14, 2022, click on Icons to read information and see videos and pictures.

1. Russian troops resumed the bombardments in the west of Ukraine, especially in the north of Kyiv.

2. On the East: Russian bombardments continue in the sectors of the Donbas, around the city of Donetsk; battles are taking place on the outskirts of Kharkiv; Russian armed forces continue to regroup in the Donbas region

3. Fighting continues between Russian and Ukrainian forces around the city of Mariupol

4. On the South: Russian armed forces continue to shell the suburbs of Odesa; Russian forces are in a defensive position around the city of Kherson.

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