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Russia deploys in Ukraine new Typhoon-VDV K-4386 airborne mine-protected armored vehicles

According to a video published by the "Saif_CH @CH19845854" Twitter account on September 30, 2022, the Russian army continues to deploy their latest generation of combat vehicles in Ukraine including Typhoon-VDV K-4386, 4x4 mine-protected wheeled armored vehicles designed and manufactured by the Russian company Remdiesel, a subsidiary of Kamaz.
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Russia deploys in Ukraine its latest generation of airborne mine-protected armored vehicle Typhoon-VDV K-4386. (Picture source Twitter account Saif_CH @CH19845854)

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine that started on February 24, 2022, Russian forces are involved its full range of military capabilities including air defense, artillery and rocket artillery, long-range precision missile systems such as the Iskander-M short-range ballistic missile, electronic warfare, support, and logistics units. Additionally, by February 2022, Russia had mobilized large numbers of Airborne Troops, fighter-bomber, and helicopter squadrons, which some observers believed would play a key role in the initial invasion.

In recent months, during the fighting on Ukrainian territory, we have seen that the Russian army has deployed the latest generation of armored vehicles and artillery systems developed by the Russian defense industry such as the T-90M, the T -80BVM, 2S19-SM2, BMPT, Buk-M3 as well as new tactical missile systems.

The Typhoon-VDV K-4386 is a new generation of 4x4 wheeled mine-protected armored vehicle developed and designed by Remdiesel, a subsidiary of Kamaz. The vehicle was unveiled for the first time to the public during the Military Technical Forum that was held in June 2019 near Moscow, Russia.

The design of Typhoon-VDV K-4386 is standard for a modern 4x4 armored vehicle with the engine at the front, the crew in the middle, and troops or cargo compartment at the rear. The front of the hull is fitted with one single door on each side and troops can leave and enter the vehicle tanks through a single door located at the rear of the hull. The vehicle can accommodate up to eight military personnel, including a driver and commander.

The roof of the Typhoon-VDV K-4386 is fitted with an EPOCH remotely controlled weapon station armed with one 30mm 2A4 cannon system and a 7.62mm PKTM tank machine gun.

The Typhoon-VDV K-4386 is motorized with a diesel engine developing 450 hp coupled to a nine-speed gearbox. The vehicle can run at a maximum road speed of 130 km/h with a maximum cruising range of 1,000 km.

Russia deploys in Ukraine new Typhoon VDV K 4386 airborne mine protected armored vehicles 925 002
Typhoon-VDV K-4386 at the International Military Technical Forum Army-2017 near Moscow, in August 2017 (Picture source Army Recognition)

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