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Russian officer commenting new tactics of using kamikaze drones by Ukrainian fighters

In the Soledar sector of the Donetsk front, Ukrainian fighters have adopted a new strategy involving FPV (First-Person View) drones, concealing them within the foliage and dilapidated structures to set up ambushes. An interview with an officer from the Terek Cossack brigade, known as Sanych, was featured in TASS and echoed on, shedding light on this evolving tactic.
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Shoshana Gordon/Axios loitering munition, or kamikaze drone, offered by the U.S. to Ukraine (Picture source: AeroVironment)

According to the officer, these drones are discreetly positioned in remote locations. When a potential target emerges, they swiftly take flight from their concealed positions. This marks a departure from previous tactics employed by Ukrainian militants.

"In recent times, they have started employing kamikaze drones with a unique approach: these drones remain hidden under structures like bridges, ruins, or amidst dense vegetation, rendering them virtually invisible. When a Russian vehicle approaches, the drone executes its attack at low altitudes. While observers are vigilant for aerial threats from above, the drone strikes from close to the ground level," explained the Terek Cossack brigade officer, identified by his call sign Sanych.

In this new strategy, a reconnaissance drone collaborates with the kamikaze drone. The reconnaissance drone maintains a safe altitude and identifies potential targets for the subsequent kamikaze drone attacks. This approach is gaining traction within Ukrainian formations, with kamikaze drones being increasingly utilized, much like their Russian counterparts. Notably, the Ukrainian Armed Forces now possess a variety of drones capable of carrying four grenades, a notable upgrade from their previous reliance on drones equipped with just a single grenade.

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
Kamikaze drones should not be confused with drones dropping mortar shells or hand grenades, for instance (Picture source:

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