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Ukrainian army allowed to use Murena RBPP-500 and Hyzhak new tactical machine gun systems

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine announced on September 19 that it allows two tactical machine gun systems – the RBPP-500 and the ‘Hyzhak’ – to be used in the army, as they have proved their effectiveness after tests by Ukrainian fighters, Militarnyi reports.
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Murena ammunition system for the American M240 machine gun of the Ukrainian military tested in March 2023 by Ukrainian fighters (Picture source : screen shot from Murena test)

In particular, the "Predator" tactical machine gun kit is designed for the placement and continuous supply of machine gun belts equipped with 7.62x54 mm caliber cartridges for PC type hand machine guns (PCM). And the RBPP-500 tactical system is designed to carry 7.62x51 mm cartridges for the M240 machine gun. The Ministry of Defense emphasized that both systems have proven their reliability and effectiveness after successfully passing tests.

Militarny already reported that the Ukrainian military had made supply systems with cartridges for American machine guns. The system allows uninterrupted supply of cartridges to M240 type machine guns, as well as PKM and its modifications. These systems designed in the form of backpacks are manufactured by Ukrainian specialists who named their system "Murena". The manufacturer claims that this system, compared to other analogues, has an increased amount of ammunition : 650 rounds.

Declared weight: Murena empty (box, sleeve, backpack): 9 kg. Murena loaded with 650 cartridges and a spare barrel: 28 kg.

The Murena system also has an empty tape catcher that attaches to a bracket under the receiver. This catcher is not part of the bracket attached to the "sleeve" of the cartridge supply, but if necessary, it can be quickly removed or installed.

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
Tactical machine gun kit "Predator" in September 2023 (Picture source: Ministry of Defense of Ukraine)

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
RBPP-500 tactical system (Picture source: Ministry of Defense of Ukraine)

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