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Russian Sprut-SDM1 lightweight amphibious tank is ready for production

The Russian State Defense company ROSTEC has announced at the end of December 2021, that the Sprut-SDM1, a modernized version of the Sprut-SD amphibious light tank is ready for serial production.
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The Sprut-SDM1 has the firepower of a main battle tank and is fully amphibious. (Picture source Rosoboronexport)

In 2021, the armament of the Sprut-SDM1 lightweight amphibious tank was tested in the Black Sea during the second stage of the armored vehicle state trials. The vehicle has demonstrated its ability to fire with its 125mm cannon in calm sea conditions as well as in a moderate sea.

The Sprut-SDM1 has already conducted sea trials showing its ability to navigate on the sea and its capacity to be transported by large amphibious assault ships and also by military transport aircraft as the Il-76. The vehicle has also traveled more than 8,000 km and it has been tested on all types of terrain and in off-road conditions.

The armor of the Sprut-SDM1 was also tested and showed a high level of protection against ballistic and mines threats.

The Sprut-SDM1 has been developed to be used by the Russian airborne troops, but today many countries all over the world have requested the design of a new light tank weighing less than 30 tones. The goal of the Russian defense industry is to market the Sprut-SDM1 for foreign customers like India, Asia, and the Middle East.

According to the Russian manufacturer, the firepower of the 2S25M Sprut-SDM1 is similar to the T-90MS Main Battle Tank but offers the possibility to be airdropped and is fully amphibious.

The Sprut-SDM1 also named by NATO 2S25M, has a crew of three including a driver, commander, and gunner. It has a combat weight of 18,000 kg. The vehicle is fitted with a two-man turret armed with a 125 mm 2A75M smoothbore tank gun which characteristics virtually match those of the 2A46M5 tank main armament. It fires all types of ammunition designed for the T-72 and T-90 main battle tanks.

The 2S25M Sprut-SDM1 is motorized with a UTD-29 multi-fuel four-stroke diesel engine with direct fuel injection and dry-sump, liquid-cooled, and naturally aspirated. can run at a maximum road speed of 70 km/h with a maximum cruising range of 500 km. The 2S25M is fully amphibious and propelled in the water at a maximum speed of 7 km/h.

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