Otokar to present its COBRA II and ARMA 6x6 at GDA 2017

Otokar, the biggest privately owned company of Turkish defence industry, participated in Gulf Defense & Aerospace exhibition in Kuwait, between 12th and 14th December. Otokar exhibited its COBRA II 4x4 and ARMA 6x6 armoured wheeled vehicles at its booth.

Otokar GDA 2017 925 002
The Otokar Cobra II

Regarding exhibiting in Kuwait, Otokar General Manager Serdar Görgüç said: “Our vehicles are used in over 30 countries by more than 50 different users. The requirements and feedbacks of our clients are our guidelines to enlarge our product portfolio. With an enlarged product portfolio, Otokar gives foremost importance to further expand its activities in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. In this respect, Otokar highly gives importance to the ongoing relationship with its users in the region, including Kuwait armed and security forces.”

Reminding Otokar Land Systems, Serdar Görgüç said, “We established Otokar Land Systems in UAE in 2016, aiming to be closer to our users in regions where we operate, we intended to strengthen our cooperation abroad, especially in the Gulf region, open to new markets and increase our sales. The most important step in this goal is taking role in one of the largest 8x8 armoured vehicle supply projects through Al Jasoor, established in partnership with Tawazun.”

The COBRA II, designed by Otokar, successfully serves the Turkish Armed Forces and security forces in various missions, and several other countries, including United Nations missions. In addition to its superior mobility, COBRA II offers 10-personnel capacity including the driver, and excellent security thanks to its outstanding level of protection against ballistic, mine, and IED threats. COBRA II delivers high performance in the most challenging terrain and climate conditions, and can be produced in an amphibious version on demand, perfectly adapting to different missions that may be required. Preferred especially for its broad weapon integration and mission-oriented equipment options, COBRA II successfully carries out a variety of missions including border protection, security and peacekeeping operations. Designed and produced by Otokar in line with user expectations against present and future threats, COBRA II features a modular construction that enables the vehicle to be used as personnel carrier, weapon platform, land surveillance radar, CBRN reconnaissance vehicle, command control vehicle, and ambulance. At GDA, Otokar exhibited its COBRA II with its own design KESKIN remote controlled weapon station.

Otokar GDA 2017 925 001The Otokar Arma 6x6

The ARMA 6x6 is actively used in the Gulf Region since 2010. Highly modular and capable, the ARMA product family is an ideal platform for various purposes and a wide variety of missions, offering a low-profiled solution suited for existing and future combat conditions depending on the modern armies’ survivability, protection and mobility needs. ARMA draws attention with its high combat weight and spacious interior, and thanks to its amphibious kit, is able to wade in water at 8kmh without any advance preparation. At GDA, ARMA 6x6 was displayed with Otokar designed BOZOK 12.7 mm MKT turret system.

Another vehicle on display at GDA 2017 is the ISV (Internal Security Vehicle). This vehicle is showcased on the booth of the Kowait National Guard. The Otokar ISV is designed and developed for various public security missions. The vehicle is the right solution for personnel carriage in risky territories with its high level of armor protection and its remote controlled turret and smoke grenade launcher.

Otokar GDA 2017 925 003The Otokar ISV (Internal Security Vehicle)