Afghan Military Police Guard Command Training Exercise 52501162

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Afghan Military Police Guard Command Training Exercise
The Afghan Military Police Guard Command (MPGC) conducted an emergency action drill exercise, Jan. 17, 2017, at the Afghanistan National Detention Facility Prison - Parwan (ANDFP-P).
Afghan Military Police Guard Command Training Exercise 640 001 The exercise scenario tested the response capabilities both inside prison and the entire National Security Justice Center and included close coordination with local Afghan National Army units and coalition forces at nearby Bagram Airfield (Photo Robert Harrison - US Forces in Afghanistan)
MPGC Commander, Lt. Gen. Mir Saheb Gul was responsible for the overall exercise from planning through the execution of the drill, Jan. 17.

This exercise marked the first large-scale training within the ANDFP-P in more than a year. MPGC division commander, Maj. Gen. Haji Safiullah and brigade commander, Brig. Gen. Timor Shah Ghori, were present throughout the entire exercise.

This event was the culmination of weeks of planning that included several 'table-top' rehearsals, a full-dress rehearsal, and a full operations order briefing before executing the Jan. 17th drill.

The exercise was a success and afterwards the MPGC conducted an after-action-review to discuss lessons learned and help guid potential adjustments for future training and exercises.

The MPGC plans to conduct similar emergency action drills periodically throughout the year to improve the overall security posture of the Parwan detention facility.