Textron Systems to provide New Electronic Warfare Threat Simulator (NEWTS) to Canada 30306162

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Textron Systems to provide New Electronic Warfare Threat Simulator (NEWTS) to Canada
Textron Systems Electronic Systems, a Textron Inc. business, announced today that it has been competitively selected to provide the New Electronic Warfare Threat Simulator (NEWTS) for the Government of Canada. The NEWTS program is an implementation of Textron Systems’ Advanced Architecture Phase Amplitude and Time Simulator (A2PATS™).
textron-systems-Advanced-phase-amplitude-to-canada-640-001Advanced Architecture Phase Amplitude and Time Simulator (A2PATS)

Delivering the best value, Textron Systems has been selected to provide a solution for the NEWTS program. The A2PATS is recognized for providing industry leading simulation capabilities in an affordable modular and reconfigurable package. The A2PATS direct port architecture provides the NEWTS complete modularity, reduced logistical footprint, reduced life cycle costs and maximum system availability. Industry unique capabilities provide the user with superior operational availability. The NEWTS is ready to test well inside 30 minutes from a daily cold start, with every signal, across all frequency and dynamic ranges, correctly aligned in frequency, phase, amplitude and time.

The A2PATS is an advanced electromagnetic environment simulator incorporating electronic warfare (EW), communications and electronic intelligence capabilities providing performance and flexibility in verifying EW systems. Its environment facilitates the precise location, identification and defense against virtually all ground-based and surface-to-air missile threats. The Textron Systems A2PATS is an advanced technology open architecture simulator that distributes multiple RF synthesizers in a modular and expandable system.

“We are proud to have been selected by the Government of Canada to satisfy its NEWTS requirement,” says Senior Vice President and General Manager Steve Mensh. “By leveraging the A2PATS system components, the NEWTS becomes a state-of-the-art system on the forefront of electronic warfare simulation technology designed for rapid enhancement and upgrades for future threat requirements.”