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AT-3 Sagger

AT-3 Sagger 9K11 Malyutka
AT-3 Sagger 9K11 Malyutka anti-tank missile technical data sheet specifications information description pictures photos images identification intelligence Russia Russian army defence industry
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The AT-3 Sagger (Russian name 9K11 Malyutka) , is a Russian made wire-guided anti-tank missile equipped with a shaped-charge high explosive anti-tank (HEAT) warhead. The AT-3 Sagger is suitable for integration into helicopters such as Mi-2, Mi-8 and Mi-24. It can be integrated onto armored vehicles such as BRDM, BMD and BMP. 9M14 was also available as a man-transportable anti-tank weapons system. Called Malatyuka during the Soviet Union period, it was first seen in a Moscow parade in May 1965. Since then it has been seen on BRDM wheeled armoured vehicle, BMP and BMD armoured infantry fighting vehicle. The Mi-24 helicopter can also carry this missile on its four outboard launchers. Over 200,000 systems have been built and the simplicity of its design and overall effectiveness has triggered its unlicensed reverse engineering in numerous countries: by China as the Red Arrow 73 and Improved Red Arrow 73C with Semi-Automatic Command-to-Line of Sight (SACLOS) guidance, Iran (Raad and its Improved Raad version with probe), North Korea and Taiwan (as the Kuen Wu-1 with a more rounded warhead section).
Variants :
- AT-3A Sagger A: 9M14 Malyutka wire-guided MCLOS Entered service in 1963.
- AT-3B Sagger B: 9M14M Malyutka-M wire-guided MCLOS Entered service in 1973 improved motor, reducing flight time to maximum range. Mass 11 kg. Range 3 km.
- AT-3C Sagger C: 9M14P Malyutka-P wire-guided SACLOS
- 9M14P: Improved warhead 460 mm versus RHA, Entered service in 1969
- 9M14P1: Improved warhead 520 mm versus RHA with a stand off probe for improved capability against ERA.
- 9M14MP1
- 9M14MP2
- AT-3D Sagger D: wire-guided SACLOS entered service in the 1990s. Mass 13 kg. Range 3 km. Speed improved to 130 m/s.
- 9M14-2: Malyutka-2 3.5 kg HEAT warhead 800 mm penetration versus RHA. Entered service in 1992. Weight 12.5 kg.
- 9M14-2M: Malyutka-2M 4.2 kg tandem HEAT warhead for improved capability against ERA. Weight 13.5 kg. Speed 120 m/s.
- 9M14-2P Malyutka-2P
- 9M14-2F Malyutka-2F: 3.0 kg thermobaric warhead. Intended for use against troops and soft vehicles.
- 9M14P-2F
- 9M14-2T: Serbian version Yugoimport SDPR Malyutka-2T SACLOS 4.4 kg tandem HEAT warhead 1,000 mm penetration versus RHA, improved capability against ERA. Weight 13.7 kg. Speed 120 m/s
- HJ-73 Hongjian: Red Arrow-73 China
- HJ-73 MCLOS: entered service in 1979
- HJ-73C SACLOS: stand off probe for improved capability against ERA
- RAAD: Iranian version
- I-RAAD: Update version of RAAD stand off probe for improved capability against ERA
- Susong-Po: North Korean version
- Maliutka M2T: Romania version, joint ELMEC and Euromissile project, uses MILAN 2T tandem warhead capable of defeating ~900mm of RHA.[6]
- POLK: Slovenian version based on the AT-3C
- Kun Wu 1: Taiwanese version
Technical data
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The missile can be fired from a portable suitcase launcher (9P111), armoured vehicle and helicopters. The missile takes about 5 minutes to deploy from its 9P111 fibreglass suitcase, which also serves as the launching platform.
The 9M14M missile weighs 10.9 kg, is 860 mm long, has a body diameter of 125 mm and a wing span of 393 mm. Its maximum range is 3000 m and its minimum firing distance is 500 mm. With an average speed being 120 m/s, the missile is slow, taking 25 seconds to reach its maximum range of 3000 meters. The missile is accelerated by a boost motor just behind the warhead with four oblique nozzles, and files on solid sustainers with jetevator TVC for steering. There are no aerodynamic controls, but the small wings can fold for infantry packaging.
The AT-3 Sagger anti-tank guided missile is a first generation Soviet anti-tank missile that uses MCLOS (Manual Command to Line Of Sight) guidance. The operator uses a joystick to guide the missile to its target. The operator's instructions are passed to the missile via a trailing wire. A SACLOS (Semi-Automatic Command to Line of Sight) guidance system is used in variants AT-3C Sagger C and AT-3D Sagger D.Sights are not used when the AT-3 is aimed at targets up to a range of 1,000m. When targets are further away, the operator uses a periscopic site with 10x magnification to guide the missile.
Combat use
A tracking flare is attached beside the body, and is claimed that an operator can steer to 1,000 m with unaided eyesight, and to three times that distance with the magnifying optical sight. The missile is guided to the target by means of a small joystick (9S415), which requires profound training of the operator. The operator's adjustments are transmitted to the missile via a thin three-strand wire that trails behind the missile. The SAGGER is capable of engaging targets at ranges of 500 to 3,000 meters and can penetrate over 400 mm of armour. The operator of the three man manpack system (9K11 suitcase system) carries the 9S415 joystick control unit and the attached 9Shl6 periscope sight. The second and third team members each carry a glass fibre suitcase that contains one 9M14 series missile. In addition, the 'suitcase' serves as a missile launcher base for the weapon and contains a small launcher rail that is attached to the top of the case. The launchers can be set up at distances of up to 15 m from the control unit with the link being maintained by a single cable. A single joystick controller can control up to four launchers of the 9K11 system in consecutive order. Deployment time for the team’s equipment is about 5 minutes. The system has a 5 m dead zone since the missile is impossible to control for the first few seconds after launch. The gunner can control the 9M14 series by eye activities.
9M14M, 9M14P1, Malyutka-2, Malyutka-2F
Country users
Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Angola, Armenia, bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, china, Croatia, Cuba, Turkey, Czech Republic, Egypt, Ethiopia, Hungary, Iran, Iraq, India, North Korea, Libya, Mozambique, Nicaragua, peru, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Syria, uganda, Vietnam, Zambia
Anti-tank missile
Portable suitcase launcher 9P111
3 soldier for portable suite
Weight missile
10,9 kg to 12 kg
Speed missile
115 m/s (9M14M, 9M14P1)
130 m/s (Malyutka-2, Malyutka-2F)
500 - 3,000 m
HEAT 2.6 kg to 3.5 kg
Guidance system
MCLOS ((Manual Command to Line Of Sight)
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AT-3 Sagger 9K11 Malyutka anti-tank missile technical data sheet specifications information description pictures photos images identification intelligence Russia Russian army defence industry
AT-3 Sagger 9K11 Malyutka anti-tank missile technical data sheet specifications information description pictures photos images identification intelligence Russia Russian army defence industry
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