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Sentinel 2 8x8

Sentinel 2 8x8 combat reconnaissance armored vehicle
Sentinel II combat reconnaissance 8x8 armoured vehicle technical data sheet description specifications information identification pictures photos images Australia Australian army
The Sentinel II is an 8x8 armored reconnaissance vehicle jointly designed and developed by the Companies ST Kinetics of Singapore and Elbit Systems Australia. Team Sentinel, led by Elbit Systems of Australia (ELSA), is offering the Sentinel II for the Australian Land 400 Mounted Combat Reconnaissance Capability (MCRC) request for tender. The Sentinel II is an integrated combination of Terrex 2 8x8 armoured vehicle personnel carrier, the Elbit Land System's MT30 30mm turret and a networked combat system forming the next generation of the Australian Army’s current Battle Management System. In December 2015, Team Sentinel has announced that CBG Systems (CBG) has joined the group of Sentinel II project to provide their stealth blanket technology to enhance the protection capabilities of the vehicle. The Sentinel II is optimized for mounted close combat with the capability and capacity to meet emerging and future threats. It is a highly protected, lethal and flexible combat reconnaissance platform with a battle proven networked combat system, according to Dan Webster, Managing Director of ELSA. The SENTINEL II will be manufactured and supported in Australia by a team of Australian partners with proven experience in advanced manufacturing capability and delivery. Team Sentinel has plans to produce and further develop the Sentinel II in Australia.
Technical Data
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The Sentinel II is fitted with an Elbit Land System's MT30 turret which is based on the UT30 unmanned turrets with sights and sensors relocated internally rather than mostly externally. Featuring high first-round and burst hit probability, the dual-axis stabilized UT30 is designed for firing on the move and at moving targets. The advanced fire control system enables effective day, night and all-weather operations. The main armament of the MT30 turret consists of one Orbital ATK Mk 44 Bushmaster 30mm automatic dual-feed cannon and one 7.62mm coaxial machine gun. Rafael Spike-LR anti-tank guided missile is already integrated in the turret. The Spike LR is a 4th generation lightweight, Fire & Forget Plus, multi-purpose missile system with a range up to 4 km. In addition to the basic Fire & Forget mode of operation, a fiber optic data communication link provides the gunner with the unique ability to attack hidden targets, update or switch to a more valuable target after launch, achieve pinpoint precision, avoid friendly fire, perform surveillance, damage assessment and obtain real-time intelligence.
Design and protection
The Sentinel II is based on the Terrex 2 armoured vehicle personnel carrier using hull and powerpack components. The hull of the Terrex 2 is of all-welded steel armor construction to which an additional layer of passive armor can be added for a higher level of battlefield survivability. The crew survivability of the Terrex 2 is enhanced with a proprietary hull design that it calls "V-over-V" (VoV), comprising two V-shaped hull sections: a lower section that is given over to the drivetrain and suspension systems; and an upper section that contains the protected crew and troop compartments. The lower section is designed to absorb the initial blast from a mine or improvised explosive device (IED), with the second V-shaped hull further reducing the likelihood of troop casualties. The Sentinel II will have a gross vehicle mass of 30,000 kg.
The Sentinel II will use all the powerpack and 8x8 suspension components of Terrex 2. The vehicle will be motorized with a Caterpillar 6-cylinder C9.3 ACERT Diesel engine developing 600 hp. coupled to an automatic transmission Allison 4500 SP wide ration gearbox with 6 forward and 1 reverses gears. The Terrex 2 uses an 8x8 independent suspension double wishbones system to improve ground mobility and ride quality over the roughest terrain. The Terrex 2 is able to run at a maximum speed of 90 km/h with a maximum cruising range of 600 km. Terrex 2 is able of accelerating from 0-50 km/h in less than 15 seconds. The vehicle is able to negotiate gradient up to 60%, side slopes to 30% and natural and engineered trenches of 2 m maximum.
The turret MT30 is fully integrated with the next generation of BMS (Battle Management System). The BMS capability networks the Sentinel II's weapon, detection and active protection systems which provides the crew with a collective hunter-killer capability and 360° force protection capability. The Sentinel II will be fitted with the Solar Sigma Shield using new technology to reduce the thermal and radar signature of the Sentinel II. The technology will make the vehicle harder to see, detect and engage, providing the Sentinel II a decisive combat advantage against adversary detection and engagement systems.
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One 30mm automatic cannon and one 7.62mm coaxial machine gun
Country users
Project land 400 phase 2 Australia
Designer Country
Singapore - Australia
Battle Management System, Solar Sigma Shield
Standard welded steel armour and V-shaped hull protection against mine explosion.
30,000 kg
? km/h
? km
Length: ? m; Width: ? m; Height: ? m
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Sentinel II combat reconnaissance 8x8 armoured vehicle technical data sheet description specifications information identification pictures photos images Australia Australian army
Sentinel II combat reconnaissance 8x8 armoured vehicle technical data sheet description specifications information identification pictures photos images Australia Australian army
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