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CZ P-07

CZ P-07 and P-09 compact pistols
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Ceská zbrojovka Uherský Brod has been one the world's leading manufacturers of service and defence pistols for nearly six decades. In 2013 a new generation of short arms appeared – a closely related pair, the CZ P-07 and CZ P-09.

The CZ P-07 is a polymer compact pistol, designed primarily as a service weapon and for concealed carry. The CZ P-07 follows the successful CZ 75 P-07 DUTY, while bringing a number of innovative features. The ground-breaking service model CZ P-09 was created on a basis of the long-lasting cooperation with many operatives from armed forces the worldwide. It was stressed that the maximum reliability and accuracy is of paramount importance, while a special attention was paid to the shooter’s comfort and ergonomics of the weapon. At the end of its development the CZ P-09 successfully passed many extremely demanding tests in harshest environments, these tests far surpassing the common military and service standards.
The CZ P-07 is a highly modern compact, developed primarily for the needs of the security forces. The slightly larger CZ P-09 is the ideal sidearm for soldiers and security forces anywhere in today’s turbulent world. These models have everything that demanding customers from the ranks of the armed forces currently require from a service pistol – plus a few extras, with which they outperform rival products with ease.
Technical Data
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Design and materials
The design of the new CZ pistols is the same for both models. The steel slide with two pairs of gripping grooves and distinctive chamfered sides for easy holstering is locked by an angular rear of the barrel in the large ejection port. The tilt of the barrel is mainly controlled by a simple open link at the bottom of the barrel. The control element consists of the traditional slide stop axis which also serves as the connecting part of the slide assembly and the body.

The original design of the frame made of durable glass fibre reinforced polymer with excellent mechanical and heat resistant properties is equipped with a MIL-STD-1913 mounting rail with five transversal grooves with the CZ P-09 and three transversal grooves with the CZ P-07. The spacious trigger guard with a roughened front edge allows for comfortable shooting in gloves. The convenient shape of the trigger blade enables good reach of the finger in the DA mode. The exposed places on the pistol frame have been rounded to ensure the weapon is drawn reliably and to eliminate risk of damage to the holster.

Both models boast superior ergonomics, which make aiming natural and quick as well as enabling effective rapid fire. The size of the grip is partially adjustable by three interchangeable backstraps, supplied as a standard accessory. At the bottom of the grip there is an eyelet for the attachment of a lanyard, which is located on the mainspring cap behind the magazine well. Reloading is faster thanks to the funnel shaped magazine well mouth.

The CZ P-07 and the CZ P-09 pistols are equipped with the SA/DA Omega trigger and striking mechanism, which is extremely simple, reliable and provides excellent travel in both modes. What is more, it offers the user a unique option of a safety or a decocking configuration. The transition from one configuration to another is a simple matter of exchanging a few components. The safety levers are ambidextrous, also the magazine catch could be handed as preferred. Every single weapon is factory-zeroed to 15 metres with CZ P-07 or 25 metres with CZ P-09, the test target sheet is included in the package.

The controls consist of an ambidextrous plastic manual safety, or to be more precise, the decocking lever, a metal slide stop located on the left and a magazine catch at the base of the trigger guard, which can be easily transferred from the left to the right side. The external hammer has a roughened surface to allow easy and safe manipulation. The automatic firing pin block safety provides reliable protection against unintentional discharge if dropped.

The extremely easy to read steel sights are highlighted by three white luminescent dots; fibre optic or tritium sights are also available.

The user value of the CZ P-07 and CZ P-09 is significantly increased by the extremely durable Tenifer finish of the metal parts (salt bath nitriding). This procedure treats not only the slide and the barrel, but also some internal metal components.

The pistols’ sophisticated design, top quality manufacture, high accuracy, convenient user parameters and their superior reliability in all climatic conditions rank them among the absolute elite in its category. The best evidence is the growing number of armed forces that have started using these excellent weapons.
Innovative materials
The new surface finish of the slide, barrel and some other components markedly increases the weapon`s resistance to any mechanical damage as well as to corrosion. The new material of the frame is glassfibre-reinforced polymer, ensuring dimensional stability as well as a resistance to rough handling.
The compact CZ P-07 is available in 9 mm Browning Short calibre (.380 ACP), 9x19 (9 mm Luger), 9x21 and .40 S&W. The first three versions have magazines with a capacity of 15 cartridges, the more powerful 40 holds an impressive 12 cartridges. The CZ P-09 in standard size is manufactured in 9x19 (9 mm Luger), 9x21 and .40 S&W calibres. The first two versions have magazines with a capacity of 19 cartridges, the 40 model holds 15 cartridges while maintaining the weapon height. The magazine capacity can be extented with a magazine bottom.
A large number of accessories are available for both pistols, including high quality plastic Hogue holsters for duty and concealed carry, available also with a paddle or a belt plate. Especially for the armed forces, there is a thigh holster with a loop and a safety catch (level 2). In addition, for the same customer group there is an adapter for shooting with the FX Simunition/CQT marking cartridges, or an extended barrel with a thread for the fitting of an effective silencer. The popular second generation RONI conversion is also available. For the CZ P-07, a rimfire adapter CZ P-07 Kadet has been developed and is also supplied as a complete rimfire pistol. Also available: titrium sights, optical fibre sights, tactical lights and laser aiming modules compatible to the MIL STD 1913, simunition adapters for the CQT and FX ammunition and suppressors (as allowed by the legislation).
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  CZ P07 CZ P-09
Caliber 9x19, 9x21, 40 S&W 9x19, 9x21, 40 S&W
Magazine capacity 15+2/12+3 19+2/15+2
Frame Polymer Polymer
Grips No No
Trigger SA/DA SA/DA
Luminiscent Luminiscent
Overall length 185 mm 208 mm
Barrel length 96,5 mm 116,5 mm
Height 137 mm 148 mm
Width 37,5 mm 37,5 mm
Weight 780 g 855 g
Safety features Decocking/manual safety, safety lug, firing pin block Decocking/manual safety, safety lug, firing pin block
Specified dimensions may vary according to design and configuration
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Shooting tests and review of CZ P-07 P-09 automatic pistols by Army Recognition Team
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