Czech company HCP present HUSAR 4x4 vehicle at MSPO 2017

HCP company presents its HUSAR 4x4 vehicle at MSPO 2017. This vehicle represents the latest version of the high-mobility tactical family of military vehicles designed by the Czech company of Tatra. HUSAR meets all NATO standards as well as individual users's requirements.

czech company husar 4x4 mspo 2017 925 001HUSAR 4x4 vehicle at MSPO 2017

Thanks to its properties, it is particularly useful for various missions. The chassis is meant to serve as a platform for all kinds of special vehicles. The design of the vehicle makes it easy to use under the most difficult climatic conditions and regions characterized by very high and low temperatures. In its basic version, the vehicle is designed for the transport of six fully equipped soldiers. The vehicle provides an adequate level of NBC protection and STANAG 4569 level 3 ballistic protection and level 2 mine protection. The construction of the vehicle allow to transport large quantities of cargo, while maintaining high speed under the most difficult conditions.

Tatra's chassis - used in this vehicle- is the result of many years ofexperience of the constructors. All wheel drive of the HUSAR uses a core frame with independent wheel suspension. This is a unique but proven and reliable solution. Currently, Tatra is renowned worldwide for its chassis solutions that combine excellent handling, low cost of maintenance and high driving comfort. The proposed HUSAR vehicle's platform can stand a base for many specialist vehicles such as reconnaissance, comand or anti-tank variants.