New 8x8 Tank Destroyer Polish defence group shown at MSPO

At MSPO 2017, Rosomak company, part of the PGZ group, is showcasing its 8x8 Tank Destroyer. The 8x8 Tank Destroyer is primarly designed to hit gound targets, including ennemy's tanks.

pgz 8x8 tank destroyer mspo 2017 925 001 The 8x8 Tank Destroyer a MSPO 2017

The 8x8 Tank Destroyer is a combination of reliable and combat proven Rosomak APC chassis with a modern HITFACT 120 turret system, which, thanks to its low recoil and high accuracy, provides the same level of firepower as a main battle tank. Optimized dimensions( 8,83 meter long, 2,83 meter wide and 3,88 meter high) and turret weight do not limit the tactical and mobility capabilities of the vehicle. APC Rosomak is a modular vehicle based on the latest concept, which allow its adaptation to a variety of tasks and conditions of the modern battlefield.

The HITFACT 120 turret features: a three-man turret ( commander, gunner and loader), 120mm smooth bore barrel responsding to NATO standard, armor made of ballistic aluminium alloy, double modular open architecture Fire Control System ( including on-board computer, target auto tracking, meteo sensor), C4I systems, smoke grenade launchers, built-in diagnostic capabilities FCS and a 7,62mm or 12,7mm pintle-mounted machine gun.