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Swedish Company SAAB presents Gripen NG Next Generation fighter at Farnborough 2014 AirShow 1807141.

| 2014
Farnborough International AirShow 2014
International Aviation & Aerospace defence exhibition

14 - 20 July 2014
Farnborough , United Kingdom
SAAB Gripen NG at Farnborough AirShow 2014
Swedish Company SAAB presents Gripen NG Next Generation fighter at Farnborough 2014 AirShow.
At Farnborough 2014 AirShow, the Swedish Company SAAB presents a mockup of its Gripen NG (Next Generation). The Gripen NG takes the tried and tested elements of the Gripen design and improves on these during the creation of a new aircraft with a more powerful General Electric F414G engine with the ability to supercruise. Its redesigned airframe operates at higher weights, allowing more fuel and weapons to be carried.

Mockup of Gripen NG at Farnborough 2014 AirShow in United Kingdom

The Gripen NG is one of the most advanced multi-role fighter in the world. The Gripen NG´s versatile multi-role capability is the key to defeating the threats to Brazil today and tomorrow. With its precision-guided weapons, the Gripen NG has the capability to attack and destroy, 24 hours a day and under any meteorological conditions. The Next Generation Avionics Architecture and state-of-the-art weapon systems, gives Gripen a lookdown/shoot-down capability to engage aircraft, missiles, and even the smallest, low-flying targets. This makes Gripen very difficult to match in any air combat situation.

The maximum combat radius for Gripen NG on an air-to-surface configuration is approximately 800 nm (1,500 km). This is defined as flying to a target, releasing air-to-surface weapons, and then returning to home base. The actual combat radius depends on the configuration of the aircraft's external stores, its profiles and the availability of reserve fuel tanks. Gripen NG's combat radius meets the needs of air forces around the world, but at a much lower cost than its competitors.

The aircraft's maximum time on station in a mission depends on the stores carried and the distance from the home base to the combat air patrol station. In a typical air-to-air configuration for example, Gripen NG can patrol for over two hours.

All Gripen NG are equipped to conduct air-to-air refuelling via the NATO standard probe-and-drogue system. This ability increases its combat radius and/or time on station considerably -in fact, missions of up to eight hours or more can be flown.

Gripen NG has a canard/delta wing configuration with relaxed stability. A triplex fly-by-wire aerodynamic control system enables stable and precise flight with highly agile manoeuvring. This aids pilots by optimising their commands across the entire flight envelope. It also reduces the effort required in executing demanding manoeuvres. The flight control system compensates for difficult environmental conditions and minimises drag. It is thoroughly tested and ensures care-free flight, meaning that the pilot can never overstress the aircraft except in an emergency.

Gripen NG has weapons for all types of mission, from guided glide bombs for precision engagement with low collateral damage, to long-range and agile air-to-air missiles and heavy anti-ship armaments. Additionally, the aircraft has an inherent precision strike and stand-off capability.

The single-seat Gripen NG is equipped with a 27 mm Mauser BK27 gun. This can be used in air-to-surface attacks against land and sea targets and is suitable for air policing missions. Gripen NG can also carry pods and sensors for reconnaissance and special missions. These include Litening, Reccelite, DfRP and MRPS pods.

It is one of the easiest aircraft of its kind to add new weapons to. This makes it a favourite among weapons companies as they can quickly and easily use Gripen for development. For example, it was selected for testing the Meteor missile. This benefits users, as new armaments are available to them more quickly compared to other aircraft.

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