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KRET delivered first batch of Vitebsk EW systems for Russia's military airlifters.

| 2015
World Defense & Security News - Russia
KRET delivered first batch of Vitebsk EW systems for Russia's military airlifters
The Russian company Radio-Electronic Technologies Concern (KRET), subsidiary of Rostec state corporation, has submitted to the Russian armed forces the first batch of Vitebsk electronic warfare systems adapted to military transport aircraft, the Concern’s deputy director general Igor Nasenkov has reported.
KRET delivered first batch of Vitebsk EW systems for Russias military airlifters 640 001KRET's new Vitebsk electronic warfare suite will be fitted on Russia's range of military transport aircraft, such as the Il-78 "Midas" aerial refuelling aircraft
"The new model of Vitebsk, which has just started being deployed to the troops, will be mounted onboard the transport aviation’s fixed- and rotary aircraft," Nasenkov said.

He noted that it is planned to install this system on the Russian Aerospace Force’s in-service Il-78, An-72 and An-124 as well as the advanced Il-112V transport aircraft. In addition, the EW system is mounted on Mi-8 and Mi-26 transport helicopters.

"Implementation of this program will quickly boost the combat survivability of the Russian Aerospace Force’s transport aircraft," Nasenkov added.

The Vitebsk system already equips the Ka-52 reconnaissance and combat helicopter, Mi-28 attack helicopter, Su-25 assault fighter, Mi-8MTV military transport helicopter and Mi-8AMTSh assault transport helicopter. This is designed for protecting aircraft against enemy anti-air missiles fitted with infrared, radar, or combined homing heads. The system monitors a missile launch within a radius of several kilometers from the aircraft, thwarting its guidance.
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