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RAF 90 Signals Unit to get new communication systems by 2018.

| 2016
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RAF 90 Signals Unit to get new communication systems by 2018
Personnel from 90 Signals Unit, based at RAF Leeming, are working alongside industry partners to pave the way for military future deployed communications systems, the Royal Air Force announced on its website on May 26, 2016.
RAF 90 Signals Unit to get new communication systems by 2018 640 001BAE Systems' Falcon Early Entry Capability introduced to 90 Signals Unit at RAF Leeming
(Credit: Royal Air Force)
The RAF and broader Ministry of Defence depend on 90 Signals Unit to provide its communication systems to conduct Air operations all over the world, often at a moment’s notice. BAE Systems is working with the MOD to bring Falcon Early Entry Capability (FEEC), into service in 2018 and 90SU will be the first to get their hands on the kit, designed to replace REDKITE.

Squadron Leader Tim Darley, Officer Commanding Capability and Innovation at 90 Signals Unit, said: “FEEC provides greater mobility with capabilities we haven’t seen before on its predecessor – such as deployable 4G and Wi-Fi – and is a welcome addition to our Unit.”

Our work with BAE Systems is progressing well and I am looking forward to seeing the equipment in action and improving the service 90 Signals Unit can offer,” he added.

The new capability will be fully scalable to meet the operational requirement and offer many technological improvements, as well as being smaller, lighter and more energy efficient. FEEC will improve the 90SU’s ability to rapidly insert communication equipment improving the operational effectiveness of the support provided.

With the high tempo of advances in communication and IT systems 90 Signals Unit is at the forefront of ensuring that the RAF is up-to-date and delivering air operations well into the future.



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