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Indian Air Force to purchase 15 HAROP drones.

| 2019

The Indian Air Force has taken the decision to acquire 15 HAROP anti-radiation attack drones from Israel, able to suicide crash into high-value ennemy military targets, increasing the Indian unmanned warfare capabilities.

Indian Air Force to purchase 15 HAROP drones HAROP drone at Salon du Bourget in France (Picture source : Air Recognition)

These 15 drones India is to acquire are anti-radiation drones, equipped with electro-optical sensors, are able to completely destroy high-value military targets (such as surveillance bases and radar stations) by self-destructing close to them. The HAROP is developped by Israel Aerospace Industry (IAI) wich can either operate autonomously (using its anti-radar homing system), or be remote controlled. It has been designed to have a minimal radar-signature, in order to perform stealth operations (evading SAMs and radar systems). It is also capable of returning and land itself back at base if it has not engaged any target.

The Indian forces already possess about 100 UAVs, spread among its three components, and this purchase would only but increase its unmanned capabilities. For these existing drones, India is expected to consider a partnership with Israel to enhance their surveillance capabilities, converting them into high-quality attack drones. In addition to that, India is also known to be working on the development of its indigenous combat drones in order to cut the costs of the acquisition of UAVs and UCAVs.

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