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Royal Jordan Air Force receives second Mi-26T2 helicopter.

| 2019

The Royal Jordanian Air Force (RJAF) has received the second Mil Mi-26T2 (NATO reporting name: Halo) heavy transport helicopter, the press department of the RJAF said in a statement.

Royal Jordan Air Force receives second Mi 26T2 rotorcraftJordanian Mil Mi-26T2 heavy transport helicopter (Picture source Air Recognition)

"A new Mi-26T2 helo has been delivered to Jordan," the Jordanian military said. A spokesperson for the RJAF told TASS that the service had received its second Mi-26T2 helocraft. "The [Mi-26T2] helicopter that has recently been supplied to Jordan is the second platform of this type. The first Mi-26T2 was delivered by Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant in mid-January, and the RJAF officially unveiled the helo at the SOFEX 2018 defense show in Amman in May," said the source.

According to a photo published by the RJAF, the second Halo helicopter was painted grey. "The service camouflaged its first [Mi-26T2] rotorcraft and adorned it by an image of a falcon," said the representative of the service.

The Mi-26T2 is a modernized variant of the venerable Mi-26T (Halo) heavy transport helicopter produced in Russia since the early 1980's. The updated rotorcraft has received a glass cockpit with five multifunctional displays, BREO-26 onboard avionics suite, new digital autopilot, and NAVSTAR/GLONASS navigation system. The modernized helicopter’s crew totals three. It can be configured to perform various other operations, including fire-fighting, fuel delivery, construction and installation works.

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