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Ka-62 batch production to begin this year.

| 2019

Russian Helicopters Holding plans to obtain the basic certificate for Ka-62 helicopter in 2020, but the batch production of the craft is scheduled to begin in 2019, the holding said.

Ka 62 batch production to begin this year Ka-62 at MAKS 2019 (Picture source: Air Recognition)

"Russian Helicopters and VEB.RF signed a cooperation agreement at the Eastern Economic Forum to support the production and promote Ka-62 helicopters. It was inked by Russian Helicopters CEO Andrey Boginsky and VEB.RF Deputy Chairperson Artem Dovlatov. The 10-year agreement stipulates VEB.RF participation in projects to develop production and promotion of Ka-62 and its modifications." it said.

"The agreement brings us one step closer to the entry of Ka-62 to the market. The latest helicopter is in demand in many regions of our country and abroad. I am sure that VEB.RF support will help find the first operator. We plan to obtain the basic certificate for Ka-62 in 2020, but plan to launch batch production already this year due to a high interest in the craft," Boginsky said.

"Together with Russian Helicopters we continue the systemic approach to promote new-generation products of the holding on the market. It is the second type of the latest civilian helicopter after Mi-38 which VEB.RF plans to finance. Ka-62 is produced in Primorye region which is important for industrial development in the Far East. The region of origin can become one of the first places for its operation. We currently plan to finance the first four serial Ka-62. The global market for the civilian helicopters of the segment is estimated at 140 units a year. Ka-62 has all chances to occupy a worthy place on the domestic and foreign markets," Dovlatov said.

Ka-62 has a maximum takeoff weight of 6.5 tons. It can carry 15 passengers to 600 km, as well as cargoes inside the cabin and on suspension. Composite polymeric materials comprise 60 percent of the helicopter. They increase the speed, maneuverability and lifting capacity and decrease fuel consumption. The helicopter for the first time in Russia has a single-rotor design with multilayered anti-torque propeller in the annular duct of the vertical tail assembly.

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