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MAKS 2019: Iran unveils Mobin UAV.

| 2019

Iran has introduced one of the latest models of its home-made UAV during MAKS 2019. Firstly described by error as a cruise missile on their inforamation sheet, the Mobin is actually a multipurpose ground-launched UAV.

MAKS 2019 Iran unveil Mobin UAV Mobin model at MAKS 2019 (Picture source: Air Recognition)

The three-meter-long drone, named Mobin ("Conqueror"), weighs 670kg and is capable of carrying equipment and arms. It have a stealthy RCS (radar cross section) of less than 0.1 m². Mobin have a speed up to 900km/h, for a max endurance of 45 min. In the nose section, an excusive compoartment to install a variety of payloads: up to 120 kg.

It is stated that the Mobin uses terrain contour matching (TERCOM) and/or digital scene matching area correlation (DSMAC) guidance.

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