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MAKS 2019: TsAGI to present new designs at MAKS airshow.

| 2019

The Zhukovsky Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) said it will participate in MAKS-2019 airshow with innovative aviation designs.

MAKS 2019 TsAGI to present new designs at MAKS airshow TsAGI continues studying light convertible aircraft (Picture source: TsAGI)

The institute is to display three designs in the sphere of alternative materials and prospective aircraft solutions. The technologies are to considerably decrease the weight of an aircraft, save fuel and provide other valuable advantages.

The airshow will feature a prototype of a multi-beam composite print which is a fragment of a load-carrying structure to be used in highly-loaded parts of the glider. Besides durability and rigidity, it is resistant to shocks due to an integral scheme (it comprises two outside coatings, shear beams and light filler). The synergy effect produces proper heat insulation (sustains temperature changes of 80 degrees Centigrade) and sound insulation of internal compartments. The advantages are vital in the design of supersonic aircraft in which aerodynamic heating of the hull, as well as major acoustic and mechanical load pose a problem.

Visitors can also see TsAGI demonstrator of a transportation vertical-takeoff drone

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