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Russia to buy 114 upgraded Ka-52M attack helicopter.

| 2019

The upgraded Ka-52M ‘Alligator’ combat helicopter will get more capabilities for using weapons against targets in the air and on the ground, the press office of Russian Helicopters rotorcraft maker said in a press release.

Russia to buy 114 upgraded Ka 52M attack helicopter Ka-52 (Picture source: Alex Beltyukov)

"Work is underway to further increase the range of detecting and identifying targets and, correspondingly, to boost the capabilities of employing weapons against both ground and air targets," the press office quoted Russian Helicopters CEO Andrei Boginsky as saying in a comment on improvements in the upgraded version.

On the instruction from Russia’s defense minister, work has been carried out to modernize electro-optical systems for the Ka-52M helicopter and it has already proven its worth, Boginsky said.

"Also, in cooperation with other enterprises, we are working on the issue of increasing the helicopter’s armored protection and renewing its power supply system. The second task is to standardize air-launched weapons with our other helicopters of the Mi family," the chief executive said.

Russian Deputy Defense Minister Alexei Krivoruchko said earlier on Tuesday that Russia’s top brass planned to sign a contract in 2020 on purchasing 114 upgraded Ka-52M attack helicopters, The Russian defense official made this statement as he visited the Progress Aviation Enterprise in the Primorye Region, the producer of Ka-52 ‘Alligator’ attack helicopters.

"We expect to sign a new contract already next year on 114 modernized Ka-52M helicopters," the deputy defense minister said.

As the defense official specified, the upgraded version of the Ka-52 attack helicopter, the Ka-52M, would be created by 2022. The experimental design work on the upgraded helicopter will take into account Russia’s combat experience in Syria, he added.

The Ka-52M will get new power supply and target acquisition systems. Also, following the requirements of Russia’s Defense Ministry, the helicopter’s protection will be enhanced considerably, Krivoruchko said.

The Ka-52 ‘Alligator’ reconnaissance/attack helicopter is designed to destroy tanks, armored and non-armored vehicles, manpower, rotorcraft and other enemy aircraft on the frontline and in the tactical depth, in any weather conditions and at any time.

The ‘Alligator’ is furnished with modern avionics while its coaxial rotor system and enhanced longitudinal control enable it to effectively maneuver and perform complex aerobatic operations.

Besides, the Ka-52 features the radio-electronic protection system and low signature devices that reduce, dissipate and distort the engines’ thermal trace. It also has active countermeasures capabilities.

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