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Russia to deliver helicopters, airborne radars to Serbia.

| 2019

Russia will deliver ten modern helicopters and some airborne radars to Serbia this year, a source from the Serbian defense contractor Yugoimport told TASS. "In 2019, the Serbian military will receive seven Mil Mi-35M [NATO name: Hind-E] gunships and three Mil Mi-17V-5 [Hip-H] rotorcraft. The countries have also agreed the delivery of several airborne radars for Serbian Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-26 [Fulcrum] multirole combat aircraft," said the source. However, he did not specify the financial volume of the contract.

Russia to deliver helicopters airborne radars to Serbia Mil Mi-35M (Hind-E) gunship (Picture source: YouTube)

The source recalled a Serbian order for nine Airbus Helicopters H145M light utility helicopters. "Serbia will therefore operate a well-composed and modern fleet of rotary-wing aircraft," said the source.

According to the Military Balance 2018 analytical report issued by the London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), the Serbian military`s air component comprises several Soviet- and Russian-made platforms, including two Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21UM (Fishbed) and three MiG-29UB (Fulcrum) operational trainers, two Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21bis (Fishbed) fighter jets, four MiG-29 and two MiG-29S multirole combat aircraft, one Mil Mi-17 (Hip) and two Mi-17V5 utility helicopters, eight Mil Mi-8T (Hip) medium transport rotorcraft, and two Mil Mi-24 (Hind) gunships.

In October 2017, Serbia received six MiG-29 fighters from Russia. Moscow will also donate 30 T-72S main battle tanks and 30 BRDM-2 4x4 light armored vehicles to Belgrade. The countries are discussing possible deliveries of air defense systems, including Buk-M1 (SA-17 Grizzly) and Buk-M2 (SA-17 Grizzly) medium-range surface-to-air missile systems and Tunguska (SA-19 Grison) self-propelled anti-aircraft gun-missile systems.

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