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Turkey and Ukraine to develop Akinci UCAV.

| 2019

The Ukrainian and Turkish defense industries are pooling their efforts to develop the new Akinci heavy strike drone, Ukraine’s state military manufacturer UkrOboronProm said on August 20.

Turkey and Ukraine to develop Akinci UCAV Akinci refers to the new "heavy" class of drones. It is equipped with two Ukrainian-made engines that provide flight at an altitude of more than 12 km. The drone has a wingspan of 20 meters, is capable of lifting more than 1,000 kg of weapons into the air and being in flight for a day (Picture source: UkrOboronProm)

This next generation UAV is developped by Ukrspecexport, part of the Ukroboronprom State Concern, and the Turkish company Baykar Defense.

“The unmanned aerial combat vehicle is being developed in compliance with the requirements of armed conflicts in the 21st century,” UkrOboronProm director general Pavlo Bukin said, according to company’s statement.

“And it is designated for service in both the Turkish and Ukrainian armed forces. Among its foremost advantages is the ability to carry out high-precision strikes with weaponry that is identical to what is used by (more common fighter) airplanes.”

The vehicle reportedly has a wingspan of 20 meters and is capable of carrying over 1,000 kilograms of ordnance payload and staying airborne for 24 hours.

“The drone is being built up with the most advanced surveillance systems, from thermal scopes and high powered cameras to active phased antenna arrays and numerous sensors,” UkrOboronProm said.

It has 6 hardpoints: 6 and provisions to carry combinations of MAM-L, MAM-C, CIRIT, Mk81, Mk82, SOM ALCM missiles.

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