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UAC may open a Yak-130 center in Malaysia.

| 2019

The United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) may open a Yak-130 center in Malaysia to service Yak-130 aircraft for Southeast Asia, Yuri Slyusar, the corporation’s head, said.

UAC may open a Yak 130 center in Malaysia V2 Yak-130 (Picture source: AIr Recognition)

According to Slyusar, the UAC has presented an entire line of its aircraft, including a Yak-130 trainer in the first place, to Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad.

"The aircraft is unique. Of course, Mr. Prime Minister and I have discussed a possibility of industrial cooperation on this matter. The center in Malaysia will do maintenance service and repairs. We may consider an aircraft assembly option in future," the head of the United Aircraft Corporation stressed.

He noted that the UAC wanted to set up some kind of a regional center to maintain the entire group of aircraft in Southeast Asia.

Slyusar said that the Yak-130 had already joined the aircraft fleets of Bangladesh, Laos and Myanmar. "There are prospects for advancing and delivering this aircraft to the Malaysian market," he added.

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