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Armenian company AirWorker displays AW5R UAV at EDEX 2023 exhibition.

| 2023

At the EDEX 2023 exhibition in Egypt, AirWorker, a Yerevan-based Armenian company, introduced its AW5R unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), an autonomous reconnaissance drone with a 3.5 kg takeoff weight. Established in 2016, the company focuses on the development of aerial drones and engineering systems for various human activities.

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EDEX 2023 Air Worker UAV AW5R 925 001 The maximum payload capacity of 0.3 kg of the AW5R UAV is specifically tailored for video camera equipment (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Beyond its core activities, AirWorker provides consulting services in aircraft engineering and robotics, engaging in collaborative scientific research with both local and international institutions, including partnerships with the Armenian Ministry of High-tech Industry and the National Polytechnic University of Armenia. AirWorker's portfolio extends to projects such as the Wind Turbin WT10 and the Exoskeleton AW-EX01, demonstrating the company's capacity to develop engineering solutions beyond UAVs.

The AW5R is an autonomous reconnaissance drone with a 3.5 kg takeoff weight, a cruise speed ranging from 65 to 80 km/h, and a maximum flight altitude of 4,000 m. Its electric engine enables a flight time of 60 to 80 minutes, with the capability to take off at wind speeds up to 10 m/s.

Designed for portability and ease of use, this UAV can be hand-launched, and its maximum payload capacity of 0.3 kg is tailored for video camera equipment. The working altitude is contingent on the selected camera. The drone incorporates a parachute landing mechanism, a mechanism that improves aerodynamics while saving space inside the fuselage.

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