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Russian army receives 10 upgraded Ka-52M attack helicopters.

| 2023

The first 10 upgraded Kamov Ka-52M Alligator attack helicopter gunships were delivered to the Russian army aviation and supplies will continue in 2023. The Sazykin Aircraft Plant in Arsenyev is fully loaded with the production of such helicopters. The upgraded helicopter was first involved in the Ukraine war in September 2022. Some of them have already been shot down by the Ukrainian air defense, the latter claimed.

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Russian army receives 10 upgraded Ka 52M Alligator attack helicopters 1 Kamov Ka-52M Alligator  (Picture source: Twitter account of Denis Akimov/Russian Planes)

The M version of the Ka-52 Black Shark announced by the Russian Ministry of Defence in 2018 eventually crystallized into the Ka-52M. 114 helicopters of this new version are to be acquired; additionally, older Ka-52s are to be upgraded to the Ka-52M standard. The contract for the first 30 Ka-52Ms was signed in August 2021. A new contract was signed in August 2022. Upgrades embodied in the Ka-52M include a modernized GOES-451M electro-optical targeting turret with an increased range, stronger undercarriage wheels, and improved cockpit ergonomics, with better adaptation to the use of night-vision goggles. The Ka-52M is adapted to work within a new battlefield command and control system.

The LMUR missile is added to the helicopter's armament options. Several new radar types with an active phased antenna array are being considered for the Ka-52M. A new self-protection system is fitted to the Ka-52M, replacing the former L370-5 Vitebsk. The helicopter has a stabilized optical-electronic system, a new digital driver that increases guidance precision, disc brakes and durable tires.

The weapons of Ka-52M are unified with those of Mi-28NM to increase the destruction range. The upgraded helicopter is powered by VK-2500 engines. It enjoys netcentric capabilities to interact with drones, helicopters and airplanes. It has upgraded onboard defense against MANPADS and new ballistic protection.

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