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Army 2023: Russian Helicopters presents modular Kamov Ka-226T.

| 2023

At the Army-2023 Military-Technical Forum currently taking place in the Patriot Park near Kubinka, the Russian Helicopters holding company of the Rostec State Corporation is presenting its Ka-226T multi-purpose modular helicopter. In 30 minutes, right at the airfield, you can completely change the "profession" of this rotorcraft.

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Army 2023 Russian Helicopters presents modular Kamov Ka 226T Multi-purpose modular Ka-226T (Picture source: Russian Helicopters)

At the static exposition of the Russian Helicopters holding at the Army-2023 International Military-Technical Forum, the Ka-226T light multi-purpose helicopter is being demonstrated. One of the main advantages of the rotorcraft is its modular design. In airfield conditions, the helicopter can be quickly converted into a passenger, cargo, ambulance or search and rescue version by replacing one module with another. Moreover, the transformation can take only half an hour.

The operational altitude has increased by almost a kilometer: up to 6,500m above sea level. Lightweight materials are used in the fuselage of the helicopter, a crash-resistant fuel system is installed, which increases the level of safety for pilots and passengers. The Ka-226T is equipped with a new set of flight and navigation and radio communication equipment, which reduces the workload on pilots and improves aircraft controllability. In addition, due to the increase in the volume of fuel tanks, the flight range of the machine has increased.

“Externally, the helicopter remains the same but its technical appearance – the composition of the systems – will change”, said Anton Korolev, Deputy General Director of the Russian Helicopters holding for sales of helicopter equipment.

Now the National Center for Helicopter Engineering. M.L. Mil and N.I. Kamov holding "Helicopters of Russia" conducts static tests of units and assemblies of the machine. It is planned that the new VK-650V engines of domestic design and production will arrive in the third quarter of 2023 for adaptation and testing on a helicopter.

The coaxial scheme provides compactness and high maneuverability. The helicopter is resistant to side wind and has a high rate of climb. The Ka-226T can land on areas that are extremely limited in size, including sea vessels. If necessary, the machine can be equipped with oxygen equipment, an emergency splashdown system and other equipment.

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