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Hensoldt Kalaetron Attack jamming system flight tested on PC-12 proves effectiveness.

| 2023

Sensor solution provider Hensoldt has proven the effectiveness of its jamming system "Kalaetron Attack" against air defence radars of various types for the first time in extended flight tests. In challenging near-mission scenarios, a demonstrator system on board a Pilatus PC-12 test aircraft proved that it can detect even the latest air defence radars in flight and interfere with them by means of precisely directed jamming signals.

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Hensoldt Kalaetron Attack jamming system flight tested on PC 12 proves effectiveness Hensoldt 's 'Kalaetron Attack' has proven its effectiveness in flight tests against air defence radars of various types (Picture source: Hensoldt)

"Neutralising enemy air defence radars is an essential prerequisite for the deployment of own air forces on the modern battlefield," says Christoph Ruffner, head of the Spectrum Domi-nance & Airborne Solutions Division at Hensoldt. "Our flight tests proved that Kalaetron Attack can combat ground-based threats to our air force and protect aircrews."

The flight tests followed immediately after successful laboratory and ground tests, so that the effectiveness in the so-called "Airborne Electronic Attack" (AEA) mission has now been comprehensively proven. The verification flights from Augsburg airport followed scenarios of increasing complexity against various radars. They demonstrated the effectiveness of the latest technologies employed, as well as the ability to engage multiple targets and the use of various jamming techniques.

The "Kalaetron Attack" jamming system is part of Hensoldt 's fully digital 'Kalaetron' product family, which is used in various forms in self-protection and signal reconnaissance systems by the German Armed Forces. In addition to cognitive elements of artificial intelligence, the core components are a fully digitalised, broadband sensor and an electronically controllable jammer. Metallic 3D printing has enabled a condensed design of the electronic components so that the jammer can be easily integrated into pod formats commonly used worldwide or directly into various flying platforms. Kalaetron Attack, as an escort jammer on board the Eurofighter, can significantly increase the Eurofighter's assertiveness against highly integrated air defence clusters. Due to its scalability, the system can also be used in land- or ship-based applications.

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