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Indonesia reportedly purchased 12 Turkish TAI Anka UAVs.

| 2023

According to information published by MaxDefense Philippines on March 22, 2023, Indonesia reportedly purchased 12 TAI Anka Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

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Indonesia reportedly purchased 12 Turkish TAI Anka UAVs TAI ANKA Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.  (Picture source: Turkish MoD)

The TAI Anka is a family of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) designed and manufactured by Turkish Aerospace Industries primarily for the Turkish Air Force.

Originally intended for surveillance and reconnaissance missions, the platform has evolved into a modular system with synthetic aperture radar, precise weapons, and satellite communication capabilities.

The aircraft has a capacity of 350 kg, a length of 8.6 meters, a wingspan of 17.5 meters, and a height of 3.25 meters. Its maximum takeoff weight is 1,700 kg, and it is powered by a Tusaş Engine Industries TEI-PD170 4-cylinder liquid-cooled in-line turbo-charged diesel engine, generating 127 kW (170 hp).

The aircraft has a maximum speed of 217 km/h, a cruise speed of 204 km/h, and a combat range of 250 km. It has a service ceiling of 9,144 meters and is equipped with ASELSAN CATS, SAR/GMTI, and ISAR payload, INS/GPS and air data sensor suite system, Ctech DEV-KU-18 Mobile Satellite Communication Terminal, and various armaments such as MAM (Smart Micro Munition), Roketsan Cirit, Tubitak-Sage Bozok Laser Guided Rockets, and L-UMTAS (Long Range Anti-tank Missile System).

The TAI Anka drone has been ordered by several countries, including the Algerian People's National Army (10 on order), the Chad National Army (2 on order), the Kazakh Air Defense Forces (3 ordered with plans to co-manufacture 30 additional units inside Kazakhstan), and the Kyrgyz Air Force (number on order unknown).

The Royal Malaysian Air Force has also announced plans to buy 3 MALE-UAS Anka drones from TAI. The Tunisian Air Force has already signed a contract for 3 Anka-S drones and 3 command centers at a cost of USD 80 million, with the first Anka UAV becoming operational on November 13, 2021.

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