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North Macedonia to consider returning its 12 Mi-24 Hind combat helicopters to Ukraine.

| 2023

According to Ukrinform, the government of North Macedonia will consider the decision to transfer 12 Mi-24 combat helicopters to Ukraine at a meeting on March 29, after the General Staff has completed an analysis of the proposal.

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North Macedonia to consider returning its 12 Mi 24 Hind combat helicopters to Ukraine Mi-24 of the North Macedonian Air Force (Picture source: via

North Macedonia's Defense Minister Slavjanka Petrovska said this in an interview with the 360 Degrees TV show on Alsat television, Ukrinform reports with reference to the website of the country's defense ministry. Petrovska said the decision would not affect the combat capability of North Macedonia's army: "All the equipment that has been donated so far has to do with the request of the Ukrainians. This is the equipment that the Ukrainian army is skilled at using. According to our modernization plans, this equipment is already at the end of its useful life," she said. These will be 12 Mi-24s that the country bought from Ukraine in 2001. Some of them have not been in service for some time. They are adapted for interaction with NATO forces and received new avionics that allows the use of night vision goggles and the Aviators night vision system. A modern navigation system, infrared lighting, and “other minor upgrades” have also been added.

Slavjanka Petrovska added that the Ministry of Defense would purchase eight new multipurpose helicopters. So far, the country has received five proposals from different countries and companies.

The helicopter, that first entered service with the Soviet military in 1972, is known for its unique combination of speed, firepower, and durability. It is capable of carrying up to eight troops in addition to its crew of two, and can operate in a wide range of environments, including hot and high-altitude conditions. It is armed with a range of weapons, including rockets, missiles, and machine guns, and has proven effective in a variety of combat situations.

Technical data

Length: 17.5 meters
Rotor diameter: 17.3 meters
Height: 6.5 meters
Empty weight: 8,500 kg
Maximum takeoff weight: 12,000 kg
Powerplant: 2 × Isotov TV3-117 turboshaft engines, 1,600 kW each
Maximum speed: 335 km/h
Range: 450 km
Service ceiling: 4,500 meters
Crew: 2 (pilot and weapons system operator)
Armament: up to 1,500 kg of weapons, including rockets, missiles, and machine guns.

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