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Paris Air Show 2023: US Army displays AH-64E V6 latest generation of attack helicopter.

| 2023

At Paris Air Show 2023, the United States Army displays the AH-64E V6, the latest generation of attack helicopter in the AH-64 Apache family. From the inaugural AH-64A launched in 1984 to the current AH-64E, the Apache has maintained its standing as the most sophisticated and battle-tested assault helicopter in the world.

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US Army displays AH 64E V6 latest generation of attack helicopter Paris Air Show 2023 925 001 The U.S. Army AH-64E V6 attack helicopter at Paris Air Show 2023.  (Picture source Air Recognition)

With over 1,280 of these helicopters in service, tallying up more than five million flight hours—1.3 million of those spent in combat—the AH-64 Apache stands as the linchpin of the U.S. Army's attack helicopter fleet, along with an increasing number of international defense forces.

The production of the AH-64E is set to continue until at least 2028, ensuring that the Apache will uphold its role as the principal assault helicopter for the U.S. Army and allied nations well into the 2060s. With ongoing investment from Boeing and the U.S. Army in cutting-edge technologies, the Apache offers affordable Modular Open Systems Architecture, positioning it to remain a pivotal asset in the Multi-Domain Operations (MDO) battlefield for the foreseeable future.

The AH-64E represents the latest iteration of the Apache, tailor-made for the rigors of the Multi-Domain Operations (MDO) battlefield. This aircraft is a network-centric, wholly integrated weapons platform, specifically engineered to excel in dense, complicated conflict zones. The AH-64E Version 6, or v6 Apache, introduces several advancements to the helicopter's sensors, software, and weaponry.

Crafted for seamless integration within the MDO environment, the AH-64E v6 embodies a lethal, resilient, and nimble system. It delivers the necessary reach, agility, and performance demanded by ground units, thus playing a pivotal role in current and prospective joint mission victories.

Boeing's AH-64E v6, through a combination of enhanced onboard and offboard sensors, long-range standoff weapons, and the required connectivity to fully utilize the resources available in the ecosystem, offers advanced capabilities. This fully integrated, battle-optimized attack helicopter stands unrivaled in its class.

US Army displays AH 64E V6 latest generation of attack helicopter Paris Air Show 2023 925 002

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