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New Type 625 Advanced Anti-Aircraft Gun System Fielded by Chinese Army.

| 2023

Recent photographs released on Chinese social media on December 28, 2023, reveal a significant advancement in China's military capabilities with the introduction of the Type 625, a new wheeled self-propelled anti-aircraft gun. The images showcased the Type 625 in action with the 77th Group Army of the PLA, Western Theater Command, during a live-firing exercise.
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The new Chinese-made Type 625 mobile anti-aircraft weapon system. (Picture source Chinese Social Network)

The Type 625 represents the latest generation of Chinese-made anti-aircraft weapon system. It's an integrated Anti-Aircraft Gun Missile System, combining a formidable 25mm anti-aircraft Gatling gun with a set of surface-to-air missile launchers. This system is mounted on an eight-wheeled tactical truck, enabling rapid deployment and versatility in various combat scenarios.

Key features of the Type 625 include a six-barrel 25 mm Gatling-Type Gun System, capable of targeting aircraft, cruise missiles, helicopters, loitering munitions, and low-flying UAVs. Its effective range is up to 2.5 km with an altitude ceiling of 2 km. The cannon also serves a secondary role in ground combat, effective against light armored vehicles.

Moreover, the Type 625E variant enhances its aerial defense capabilities with 4 x FN-16 air-defense missiles. Primarily designed for battlefield air defense, these missiles specialize in intercepting low-altitude and ultra-low-altitude air targets. The FN-16 boasts a maximum range of 6 km and can perform an 18 g turn, indicating high maneuverability and precision.

The deployment of the Type 625 underlines China's ongoing efforts to modernize its military and enhance its air defense systems. This development is part of a broader trend of significant advancements in Chinese military technology, reflecting the nation's strategic focus on building a versatile and technologically advanced armed force.

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