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Strong presence of the French defence industry at the Albanian defence exhibition ALMEX 2010 Albania.

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ALMEX 2010
Albanian Military Exhibition

Tirana, Albania
28 - 30 October 2010
French Defense Industry at ALMEX 2010

Friday, 29 October 2010, 22:30 PM

Strong presence of the French defence industry at the Albanian defence exhibition, ALMEX 2010.
The French defence industry wants to show its capacities to modernize the Albanian army with the participation of Renault Trucks Defense, a company leader in the design of armoured vehicles, which presents two of its new products, the Sherpa APC armoured personnel carrier and its new modernized armoured vehicle the VAB Mark II, equipped with new armour Level 4. Since 1850, the Marck Group is a French company based in Paris, which is specialized in the design, the production and the sale of uniforms, body armour and military equipment.
The « Sherpa Light » family of 4x4 tactical and light armoured vehicles is designed to provide light forces (infantry, paratroopers, marines, internal security…) with the best mobility / payload compromise of its category. In addition to its outstanding on and off-road performances, the Sherpa Light is fully air transportable (A400M / C-130), multirole and ready for being up-armoured (ballistic and mine kits). The Sherpa Light has already been adopted by NATO, France and other countries.
The “Armoured Personnel Carrier” is a 3 doors protected troop transport version for up to 10 soldiers with their equipments. It is also able to receive any mission or weapon system thanks to a large internal volume.

Sherpa APC Renault Trucks Defense wheeled armoured personnel carrier

The VAB Mark II is a new armoured personnel carrier as robust and reliable as the “combat proven” VAB (more than 5000 units worldwide) but upgraded to the latest standards in terms of mobility (320 hp engine), payload, protection (ballistic, mine and IED kits) and comfort.
The VAB Mark II is ideally suited for combat and peace keeping missions with the capacity to transport up to 2+10 soldiers. The VAB Mark II 6x6 and 4x4 variants are also adaptable to any customer’s specific need: ambulance, command post, weapon systems carrier…
The VAB Mark II is adapted against the new threats as IED (Improvised Explosive Devices) and land mines with anew armour Level IV and new soldiers compartment with the latest technologies as new mine protected crew seats and more.

VAB Mark II Renault Trucks Defense wheeled transport armoured vehicle

Today, the French Company Marck Group has acquired a well-established reputation with French and Foreign administrations, not only for its products quality but also for its services.
Marck Group award a contract to make the design and the study for the new combat and ceremony uniforms for the Albanian Army.

Marck Group at ALMEX 2010


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